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5 Best 7 Inch Tablets In 2019

Tablets are great. They’re larger than a smartphone, but not as dense and clunky as a laptop. The ease of a tablet is truly an appeal, but you have to admit, some are just too big and cumbersome to really be utilized. That’s why today, we’re sharing our 5 favorite tablet picks for 2018 I

Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 vs Apple iPad mini Retina – Specs comparison

Probably feeling Galaxy Tab Pros lacked the pizazz to really give Apple iPads a run for their money and show the world Android has a bright future on tablets regardless of bleak predictions, Samsung basically retired the four-month-old slates, replacing them with punchier, brighter, skinnier versions. Not by much, mind you, but just enough to

Nexus 7 (2013) Vs. iPad Mini: Which is Better?

The release of Google’s latest tablet recently sparked renewed interest in the 7 inch tablet market. The Nexus 7 (2013) is an upgrade to last year’s model that now comes with superior hardware specs and surpasses its predecessor in almost all aspects. But how well does this new device stack up against Apple’s iPad Mini?


New Apple patent changes bezel size on device through touch

Apple has always tried to push the bezel of a smartphone and tablet to the limit, maximising screen potential. A new patent from Cupertino may completely eradicate the bezel and bring it back when the user needs the thumb space. The patent allows the user to control the bezel space, for small devices or devices looking to maximise screen


Apple shows what iOS7 will look like on iPad and iPad Mini

  When Apple showed off iOS they did it all with the iPhone, which led people to question if the iPad OS would have something slightly different. However, these rumours have been flattened with the release of images showing the iPad and iPad Mini running iOS7. It is a shame Apple will not add widgets

Top 5 Essential Accessories For Your iPad Mini

Apple’s smaller version of the iPad, the iPad Mini, is becoming popular among consumers due to its portable size and its wallet friendly price. While it doesn’t sport the Retina Display of the current iPad the images on the screen still look sharp. Its use of an aluminum chassis makes it stand out from the

Apple Now Selling Refurbished iPad Mini and 4th Gen iPad

Do you want to get a huge discount on that iPad Mini that you always wanted? You can now save as much as $40 on this device as Apple has just offered refurbished versions which are available now at the Apple Store. You still get the same 1 year warranty from Apple and are assured