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128 gig iPad 4 goes on sale

Apple had previously announced 128 gig version of its 4th gen iPad and the device can now be bought, thus making it the tablet with largest amount of internal memory space. Phil Schiller, Apple’s marketing chief, gave a little talk for the launch of the 128 GB iPad 4 version: “With more than 120 million

The Full Sized Apple iPad Could Be Refreshed In March

The iPad Mini is certainly not the best budget tablet out there. The hardware specs of the tablet haven’t won a lot of fans and rightly so. Of late, people have come to expect a lot from Apple and the company certainly lived down to it. Yes, it’s bigger than most of its budget tablet

iPhone 5, latest iPads soon to arrive in China

Technology leader Apple announced this week that there mobile devices such as the iPhone 5 along with the iPad Mini and fourth generation iPad will be available for the first time in the People’s Republic of China. In a statement released Friday morning by Apple, Wi-Fi versions of the iPad 4 and its little brother

iPad Mini Sold Out In Top NYC Apple Store

The iPad Mini and the fourth generation iPad are surefire hits at Apple’s flagship store in New York City after the company’s newest tablet models were reportedly sold out in about two hours. New York City’s Apple “cube” store on Fifth Avenue has already sold out iPad Mini models and the latest version of iPad

Apple iPad 4: Is It Actually Worth Upgrading?

There has definitely been a lot of controversy surrounding Apple’s newly announced iPad 4. This is mainly because it is mediocre. It is barely worthy to be called a new iPad even. All that we really see is a tad bit better of a processor along with a better GPU. That is literally all there