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HTC Teases New Tablet With Unique Feature

Microsoft was recently reported to have been unhappy about the fact that HTC is planning to develop a tablet for its Windows RT. Apparently, Microsoft feels that HTC does not have enough time under its belt in the tablet market to be experimenting with its dedicated operating system for the handheld device sector. It is


iPad Will Have Hardware Tweaks, But No New Model

Rumors are already abounding about what next Apple is up to with their iPad. While some rumors are pointing towards a newer and more revamped model which could be called the iPad 4 and come with several upgrades, there are some in the industry who don’t think that way.   Recently the DigiTimes had reported


iPad Mini: Rumors Suggest a Quite Affordable 7-inch Tablet

The iPad mini rumors are going on for some time now. With the advent of the BlackBerry Playbook, the Google Nexus 7 and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7, rumors have started to take concrete shapes. Add to that the fact that the mini tablet market is fast becoming a lucrative option for manufacturers, which Apple

EXCLUSIVE: Details Of iPad 3 Surface In Leaked Apple Script!

*** WE KNOW THAT THIS COULD BE A FAKE***** We know that this document is most likely a fake however in the off chance it’s not here’s the story.  A Kindle Reader document called “2012 Apple Spring Draft Script” has surfaced on here. The document is supposedly a script for Apple’s upcoming press event