10 Best LTE Tablets In 2020

Tablets are great devices to have around, but one of their limitations is that they need to be connected up to Wi-Fi to use the Internet at all. That means that if you need to use it on the go, you’ll have to be lucky enough to run into a Wi-Fi Hotspot somewhere or stop

More Tablets Can Now Use AT&T’s Pre-Paid GoPhone Service

If you have an AT&T tablet and want a cheaper plan for it, there’s some good news for you today. AT&T has just expanded their GoPhone Tablet plans to include over a dozen new devices. Here are the devices you can now use on a GoPhone plan: Asus K005 Asus (TF300TL) Transformer Pad Google Nexus

Russian Government Switches From iPads To Samsung Tablets Over Security Concerns

Russian Telecoms and Mass Communications Minister Nikolai Nikiforov announced to news agencies last Wednesday that Russian government officials are trading in their Apple iPad’s for Samsung tablets in a move to ensure tighter security. Journalists covering a cabinet meeting spotted the ministers without their Apple tablets and were informed that the change of devices took

Android tablets rake in more revenue than Apple’s iPad for the first time

When it comes to the sheer volume of smartphones running Android, Google’s mobile OS pretty much dwarfs every other operating system out there (well, maybe except Windows on the desktop), and has continually pushed Apple’s market share lower and lower in the past couple of years. Tablets, however, were Apple’s stronghold, but lately Android tablet


Leaked iPad 5 schematics reveal thinner design

Apple surprisingly did not unveil the iPad 5 at WWDC this past month, leaving speculation they would announce the larger tablet at their event in October, alongside the iPad Mini. New schematics show the iPad 5 is going to be thinner and will take the same design queues as the iPad Mini. We are unsure


Apple shows what iOS7 will look like on iPad and iPad Mini

  When Apple showed off iOS they did it all with the iPhone, which led people to question if the iPad OS would have something slightly different. However, these rumours have been flattened with the release of images showing the iPad and iPad Mini running iOS7. It is a shame Apple will not add widgets


Hulu unveils new iPad app

Hulu has unveiled their Hulu Plus app that has been completely redesigned and focuses on discovery, allowing their users to find new content that they might not otherwise have came into contact with. The new app has some new features as well; if you see an image of a movie or tv show in the

Mailbox Lauches Email Client for iPad

Two months after it’s acquisition the email client Mailbox has finally brought out it’s service to the iPad, after being acquired by Dropbox two months ago they have finally worked out all of the kinks in the iPad version and are ready to release it to the world. Mailbox has said that they have been


Apple ramping up production on lighter iPad

  Apple is set to begin production of a lighter iPad, with full production starting in July for a release either in quarter three or four this year. The company has yet to release any new products this year, so we expect the end of this year to be packed. DigiTimes reports the new iPad 5


iPad Mini 2 won’t come with retina display

One of the main features missing from the iPad Mini is the retina display and many believe the next version of the smaller tablet by Apple will bring the high resolution display. However, analysts seem to believe the iPad Mini 2 is unlikely to come with the high resolution display because the screens in question

Mailbox Is Working On An iPad App, With Desktop And Android Clients

Mailbox the very popular mail app for iPhone has announced that an iPad, Android and Desktop clients are on their way, the company recently said that the up and coming projects e.g. the various clients are “on the agenda”. Hopefully when the new clients are released there won’t be the ridiculously long queues to use

Apple launches ‘Why You’ll Love iPad’ campaign

  Apple has started a new campaign to attract customers to buy their iPhones, iPads. The campaign termed as ‘Why You’ll iPhone’ was started at the time of the launch of its rival company’s flagship phone, Galaxy SIV. Initially we thought that the campaign was a move by the company to boost their sales in

Apple removes Sweatshop HD iPad game from app store

  Apple has been censoring its apps and other content available on the app store since its launch. From the past many years, Apple has maintained that the apps available on the iStore are “curated” as against the books and music on the store.   Sweatshop HD was an iPad exclusive app and was available

AT&T Apple iPad Hacker Gets 41 Months Jail Time

Andrew Auernheimer, popularly known for his online handle “weev”, was sentenced by a federal judge to 41 months in prison. The sentencing is due to his involvement in the 2010 incident where 114,000 AT&T iPad users’ emails were hacked. He was found guilty on one count of identity fraud and one count of conspiracy to

Will Low Cost Tablets Start Dominating The Market?

Low-cost tablets are on the rise. This is evidenced in surveys and studies conducted by various companies focusing on affordable tablets that are dominating the market these days. The report is based from an opinion column on Time Tech. Tim Bajarin, a Time Tech columnist, predicted that these low-cost tablets will represent about 65 percent

Skype for iOS updated with new features and bug fixes.

Microsoft has updated Skype for iOS which brings about much needed improvements along with bug fixes. According to the Skype Blog, the latest update 4.6 includes the following changes: New, beautiful calling experience One-to-one chats now appear in the correct order Option to select your message as ‘read’ with just a few taps General fixes

CDC’s “Solve the Outbreak” app for iPad

Apps are becoming more socially aware! From new Facebook games that teach users to respect women’s rights to the latest disease outbreak control, apps are moving away from mainstream gaming to innovative social service. New game from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) teaches gamers how to prevent and contain diseases when there is an

Apple improves Textilus for better performance and user convenience

Textilus is an iPad app that lets you create documents in RTF (Rich Text Format), Already equipped with a swell set of features, this app has been issued yet another update, no doubt of great interest and value to customers. This new update introduces new features and improves on existing functionality. First, the app now