Apple shows what iOS7 will look like on iPad and iPad Mini

  When Apple showed off iOS they did it all with the iPhone, which led people to question if the iPad OS would have something slightly different. However, these rumours have been flattened with the release of images showing the iPad and iPad Mini running iOS7. It is a shame Apple will not add widgets


iAds will allow developers to advertise for a small amount

When Apple unveiled iAds, it was touted as the next generation advertising service, but in the years past it has not penetrated the market as well as many would have liked. The problems do not come out externally, but rather internally, iAds was an expensive advertising solution and Apple had lockdown on the arrangement and formatting of


iTunes Radio announced at WWDC, free with iAds

Apple finally revealed iTunes Radio at the WWDC keynote event, the new streaming music service will be coming with iOS7 and features all the artists from iTunes. iTunes Radio is built into the iOS7 Music app and is free to all users with iAds. Any users with an iTunes Match account will get iTunes Radio


iOS7 beta shown off hours before launch

iOS7 is literally hours away from being released and 9to5mac have been talking to a leaker who has shown a beta version of the new mobile operating system update. The design of the icons will not change and we are not likely to see widgets appear on the OS, but the redesign of every icon has


iOS7: Will it bring the magic back to Apple’s software?

Apple will reveal the new iOS mobile software upgrade at WWDC tomorrow and it is highly likely the formula has been changed to something more contemporary and radical. Almost everyone has voiced an opinion on iOS’ current form, whether it looks stale or it works well and Apple should keep the winning formula. We believe


iOS7 may open up keyboards for third party developers

Tim Cook has got all third party system level developers excited when he hinted at the iOS platform becoming more open in the coming months, he said this while on stage at the D11 conference. TouchType, the creators of popular app SwiftKey, have said they are very excited and will be watching the WWDC conference

Apple may announce free iRadio with iAds at WWDC

Apple could be making a big leap in the music streaming universe with iRadio, with the possibility of a free service backed by iAds. This does seem quite unusual for Apple, a company who take pride in overpricing for the luxury. However, Apple have reportedly met with all three big music labels and sold their

Jony Ive Rumoured to be Opting for a Flat Design In iOS 7

As we get ready for Apple’s upcoming developer’s conference – WWDC we can predict that iOS7 is close to it’s release date sometime soon, it seems to be that the design of the newest version of the mobile operating system will take centre stage over the features and functionality. Since Scott Forstall ex-senior vice president