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BBM expected to hit the App Store on June 27th

BBM is finally coming to other platforms and it is expected to arrive in the Apple app store and the Google play store on June 27th, this information comes from a tweet from T-Mobile UK. The download will be free for anyone running iOS 6 and Android 4.0 or higher so if you want to

Tizen will be Among the Top 3 Mobile OS According to Analyst

Currently, the smartphone industry is dominated by the iOS and Android platforms, which are owned respectively by Apple and Google. The two are followed by Windows Phone 8, the BlackBerry 10, Ubuntu, Firefox and some others. But with the high popularity of the Samsung brand in the mobile phone market, a report from Bloomberg said

Blockbusters new iOS app Launches Today

Today Blockbusters have unveiled their new iOS app, this service allows customers that are still subscribed to Blockbusters traditional disc rental service to manage their rentals on your iOS device. There are many new features with this app including the ability to check availability of certain discs in your local Blockbuster store. This iOS app

BlackBerry Live

BlackBerry Announce BBM is coming to Android and iOS in the Summer

BlackBerry has announced that their popular messaging service BBM will break the shackles and will become a cross platform messaging service. The timing is a little later than the rumours had indicated but non the less this will be an interesting move for the mobile company, since the hit app Whatsapp is dominating the messaging

Facebook to buy Waze for $1 billion ?

  If the reports from the Israeli media are to be believed, then we might see a facebook waze partnership sometime soon. Waze, the urban navigation and social mapping platform is currently in talks with Facebook for a full acquisition. Now, we have seen Facebook buy a number of such start ups recently, however what

Android Dominates US Smartphone Market For First Quarter Of 2013

The recently released comScore report for the first quarter of this year showed the Android platform still continuing to dominate the US market. Android accounted for 52 percent of the operating system used which is slightly lower compared to its fourth quarter result last year which is 53.4 percent. The rest of the market was

Songza for iOS Predicts What Music You Need to Hear

Songza for iOS wants to know what music you like and what mood you’re in for it’s latest feature that predicts the music you need to listen to due to your mood and your music tastes. Songza’s claim to fame is it’s really cool feature that knows what day and time it is and cross

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Low end smartphone market booming as low end iPhone gets closer

Apple has repetitively denied the low cost iPhone coming to market, with Phil Schiller saying it would not make sense for the company to bring a cheaper smartphone to the market. In many ways, it goes against Apple’s core values of developing a product to allow users the best user experience. The company would be giving

Google Now iOS

Google Now available on iOS

Google has kept the exclusivity on its new intelligent assistant app, Google Now, on Android for a few months. It has finally released dates for iOS version and it will come within the Google Search app. Google announced on Monday the plan to end the Android exclusive and bring Now to iOS. This combats rumours

WWDC 2013

WWDC 2013 sold out in two minutes

  Anyone saying Apple has lost its touch with fans can just take one look at the title and rethink their ideas. Apple is still one of the most popular companies ever and its events are bigger than life. WWDC is arguably one of the biggest technology events on the year, with Apple putting on social app launches on iOS finally is a social app which newly launched on the Apple app store this week, this app has finally came to the masses after being in development for two years. isn’t your average messaging service like whatsapp, kik, iMessage or even Facebook chat. is something that is completely unique, this service is available