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Android vs iOS Part II: The Cloud

If you are on the fence about an Apple iPhone or an Android phone, and have read the first part of the Android vs iOS series, you are probably no closer to making a decision. There I discussed that despite the convergence in the elements of the user interface of the iOS operating system found

Android vs iOS Part I: The User Interface & Design Philosphy

Friends often ask me which is better, Android or iOS. Between the staunch followers of each mobile operating system, it is really hard to get objective advice. I feel like new entrants to the smartphone market seem to be taking a poll, to help them make a decision. Me, I give them the one answer

Android is the Great Equalizer

Nokia, BlackBerry, and Apple all enjoyed a period when they dominated the smartphone market. These companies were successful not only because of good hardware. What kept Nokia and BlackBerry dominant for so such a long time was software and a proprietary operating system, with proprietary services supported by a good third party app ecosystem. While

iBlazr LED Flash Improves Your Smartphone Photos

Most of the smartphones sold in the market today already comes with a built-in flash which performs well in certain conditions. When it comes to night scenes though the shots taken may not look that great and you’ll then wish that you had an external flash. Well, this is where the iBlazr comes in as

Why BlackBerry is launching BBM for Android and iOS

Why is BlackBerry seeding BBM to Apple iOS and Google Android? It is part of their strategy to take down Windows Phone. BlackBerry was placed on death watch in the middle of 2012. Rapidly slowing sales was the reason. In the last quarter of 2012, BlackBerry sold just over 7.3 million handsets, representing 3.5% of

BlackBerry Launches Secure Work Space For Android, iOS

BlackBerry just launched a new service called Secure Work Space which allows enterprise users to securely manage their iOS or Android devices by separating work and personal stuff. This is aimed at corporate customers that allow their employees to use their own devices at work, be it an iPhone or an Android, which is already

Microsoft Xbox, PC games are coming soon to Android, iOS

Microsoft may offer its Xbox and PC titles to Android and iOS users starting the end of the year, according to a Reuters report. To make this move possible, the Nikkei says that Microsoft has teamed up with Klab, a Japan-based smartphone game company. To start off, Microsoft is supposedly developing an Android and iOS

Logitech Gamepad

Logitech iOS 7 iPhone gamepad photo leaked

Photographs of Logitech’s latest gaming accessory for the iPhone have been leaked, the accessory is a gamepad case that clips on to the phone and connects via the lighting port. The gamepad case has a D-pad and five buttons on one side for all of the button mashers out there, on the opposite side there


Next generation Apple TV could have additional gaming features

Apple just revealed the strongest hint yet at an Apple gaming console, which we suspect will come incorporated into the Apple TV. The new instructions for building third party gaming controllers seems to be Apple’s way of allowing third parties a chance to build their own. While Apple currently only has casual games on iOS,

BBC comes out with a stytlish new weather app

Today the BBC has launched their new weather app both for iOS and Android, bringing along with it a infusion of the classic icons with a new style dynamic. The app is very minimalistic and the information and stats are presented in a easy to read fashion. The features include a five day prediction of

Top 4 Anti-Surveillance Mobile Apps

This week’s news that the United States government has been secretly spying on its citizens has everyone concerned. One program of the NSA harvests phone records from the Verizon network while another which is called PRISM mines data from nine giant Internet companies which includes Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Yahoo, AOL, Skype, YouTube, and PalTalk.

FourSquare brings a native tablet app to Android but not iOS

Foursquare has broken the trend and instead of releasing an iPad app went straight to releasing a native tablet app for Android devices. The new update features a new map browsing experience for tablets and larger screened phones, also there are improvements to the Explore feature. This is nice for the Android users of the