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Android Captures 53% Of U.S. Market In Q1 2014

A report recently released by research firm Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) shows Google’s Android operating system dominating the U.S. market. Android grabbed 53 percent of all smartphone activations for the said time period while iOS only had 42 percent smartphone activations. Windows Phone and   BlackBerry OS only have 1 percent each while basic phone

Why can’t get we get enough of Flappy Bird?

Rolling Stone is running a feature on Flappy Bird’s creator, Dong Nguyen. Contributor David Kushner actually flew to Hanoi to interview the elusive game developer, and got the skinny on how the hit game came to be. In the article, we learn how Nguyen did not expect the game to be such a success, and

Windows Phone is dead, Tizen is dead, long live Android!

Look, there’s nothing wrong with competition. In fact, we all welcome it, regardless of personal preferences. Android geeks, Apple fanatics, Windows Phone aficionados, surviving BlackBerry supporters, we may argue all the time and each feel like we’re in possession of the universal truth, which we want bestowed on our clueless “enemies”. But when all is

Should Apple run Android on their iDevices?

The controversial Steve Wozniak has spoken time and again about Android. Apple’s co-founder, and the engineering genius behind the earliest Apple products, is actually quite fond of Android, it turns out. Woz says he uses an iPhone as his primary device, and has actually admitted being “frustrated” by Android in its early iterations. However, Android

Android-iOS monetization gap: Should it trouble developers?

Android significantly outnumbers Apple’s iOS and other mobile platforms in terms of user base. Around the world, there are more than 1.5 million Android devices activated per day. In China alone, there are 270 million Android devices active, and there are almost 1 billion devices activated globally. By contrast, Apple says it has sold about

Hangouts 2.0 with SMS: Integrated yet still fragmented

Google integrated SMS into Hangouts for Android. But even with better integration of messaging services, Hangouts is still fragmented across platforms. SMS functionality within Hangouts is not exactly new, as Google released its latest flagship phone, the Nexus 5, with SMS built into the Hangouts app. And so it was only a matter of time

How to Choose a Smartphone Operating System

How to Choose a Smartphone Guide: Operating System

Recently, we have covered the elements that you should consider when choosing a smartphone in this set of articles: How to Choose a Smartphone Guide: Processor How to Choose a Smartphone Guide: Storage Options How to Choose a Smartphone Guide: Display How to Choose a Smartphone Guide: Connectivity How to Choose a Smartphone Guide: Battery Life

BBM app downloaded over 5 million times within 8 hours

The demand for the new BBM app is well known to us. And even with its new queuing system for new users, it hasn’t gone down one bit as users inch to get their BBM on. BlackBerry announced the roll out of the BBM app yesterday on Android and iOS devices with a waiting list

Should app developers build for Android first?

Android is, to date, the most popular mobile platform, both in numbers and in growth. And with development outfits starting to focus on a mobile-first approach, one might wonder whether this also translates to an Android-first approach in developing applications. And yet even if Android had an install base of hundreds of millions, the fact