BBM app downloaded over 5 million times within 8 hours

The demand for the new BBM app is well known to us. And even with its new queuing system for new users, it hasn’t gone down one bit as users inch to get their BBM on. BlackBerry announced the roll out of the BBM app yesterday on Android and iOS devices with a waiting list

Should app developers build for Android first?

Android is, to date, the most popular mobile platform, both in numbers and in growth. And with development outfits starting to focus on a mobile-first approach, one might wonder whether this also translates to an Android-first approach in developing applications. And yet even if Android had an install base of hundreds of millions, the fact

3 things we can learn from LINE’s planned IPO

The messaging space is a lucrative industry today, with apps like Whatsapp, LINE, WeChat, Viber and the like growing to hundreds of millions of users in a span of months. In fact, LINE — an app developed by Korean search company NHN Naver and its Japanese subsidiary NHN — reportedly earns upwards of US$ 10

Apple’s TouchID Hacked – The Sky is Falling!

The Chaos Computer Club has claimed to have hacked Apple’s TouchID. “The biometrics hacking team of the Chaos Computer Club (CCC) has successfully bypassed the biometric security of Apple’s TouchID using easy everyday means. A fingerprint of the phone user, photographed from a glass surface, was enough to create a fake finger that could unlock

Are quad core smartphones useless?

It started with benchmarks being posted showing the dual core Motorola Moto X outperforming quad core smartphones. With the Apple iPhone 5S being released with a dual core processor and performing rather well in benchmarks, the question is being raised again. Are quad core phones useless? The answer is, it depends on which benchmark you

The Race to the Bottom: Information is the Key to the City

The next innovative step in mobile technology is information. He who can easily provide access to the most information will rule. This post is a fourth of a series, the first of which is at this link. What has been necessary for the success of a mobile operating system has been having a large number


Xbox Music preparing to launch on Android

Microsoft once had one use for the Xbox brand, but with Windows 8 and the new “one Microsoft” idea, the company has started using the Xbox brand for all entertainment services, including Xbox Music, Xbox Video, Xbox SmartGlass and Xbox Live. Xbox Music was released on Windows platforms and members could use the service for

BBM reportedly coming to Android and iOS at the end of next month

BlackBerry announced their messaging service, BBM, would be coming to Android and iOS in the summer. This came as BlackBerry started to think about other options, including the possible sale of the company and assets. Since the announcement, there has been no release date from BlackBerry and it has got to the point developers are

BlackBerry may spin off BBM into its own company

With the downfall of BlackBerry and BB10 not gaining enough traction to really make a mark, the company may look at spinning off their biggest app, BBM. The messaging service would become a subsidiary of BlackBerry and that way it would be easier to market to potential buyers, who may not want to buy the

Android Market Share vs. Apple, Blackberry, Windows, Symbian

What is Android’s Market Share? How is Android dominating the smartphone OS battle in the United States? According to the most recent data that was collected in May 2013, Android has a 52.4% market share, or 13.2% more than its fiercest competitor, Apple. Apple, for its part, only has 39.2%. Following the Cupertino company is

The Smartphone Wars: Where to now?

Whether you are an Android fanboy or hater, there is one thing everyone has to acknowledge. Android has been the operating system which has allowed the leaps and bounds we have seen in smartphone hardware. From smartphones with a single core processor and HVGA (320 x 480 pixels) displays, to octa-core devices with Full HD

Why the Android-iPhone Duopoly will not be Broken

Jolla is prepping for the launch of its new smartphone with its new Sailfish OS. Jolla is hoping that its offering will allow it to break the Android-iPhone duopoly. And it is not the only one. CNET wrote that 2013 appears to be the year of the alternative smartphone OS, with Tizen, Ubuntu Touch, and

Android vs iOS Part III: Behind the Lens

The second installment of the Android vs iOS series  may have convinced some of you to pick up a Droid. A two-way cloud sync app or Torrents app may just be that one killer app you are looking for. Personally, it would not have convinced me. The fact that you can actually turn your Android phone

Android vs iOS Part II: The Cloud

If you are on the fence about an Apple iPhone or an Android phone, and have read the first part of the Android vs iOS series, you are probably no closer to making a decision. There I discussed that despite the convergence in the elements of the user interface of the iOS operating system found

Android vs iOS Part I: The User Interface & Design Philosphy

Friends often ask me which is better, Android or iOS. Between the staunch followers of each mobile operating system, it is really hard to get objective advice. I feel like new entrants to the smartphone market seem to be taking a poll, to help them make a decision. Me, I give them the one answer

Android is the Great Equalizer

Nokia, BlackBerry, and Apple all enjoyed a period when they dominated the smartphone market. These companies were successful not only because of good hardware. What kept Nokia and BlackBerry dominant for so such a long time was software and a proprietary operating system, with proprietary services supported by a good third party app ecosystem. While