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How To Get Google Maps On iPhone 5

When Apple announced it wouldn’t be using Google Maps for iOS 6, it built some kind of excitement considering people know it has all the capacity needed to realize its plans. The iOS 6 Maps application was thought to be a great feature until people found some things that no one ever expected—crooked images, mislabeled

Verizon Cellular FaceTime Now Offered For Free Starting Sept 19

Verizon Wireless is going fast and strong in helping Apple promote some of the features in its popular devices as the U.S. carrier recently announced it will be offering cellular FaceTime to its customers for free. The Big Red is trying to take the lead in this market and analysts expect other carriers to follow

iPhone 5 Now Official: First Looks, Features and Specs

True to their word, Apple has unveiled the next generation of the iPhone 5 today – it is now official.  We have heard all sorts of rumors over the past year about this gadget that the Apple fan boys have been eagerly anticipating.  One of the most talked about feature that the iPhone has indeed

YouTube App Will Be Missing From iOS 6

It has come to light that Apple’s license to use YouTube has expired which means that users will no longer see the client on iOS devices. Thankfully, the absence of the native app will only affect iOS 6, so as long as you remain on iOS 5 or below, you can still use the client.

Apple Maps sources decoded

  With the launch of Apple’s latest version of iOS, the iOS6, Apple will no longer use Google Maps for its mapping needs. Instead of Google Maps, the Cupertino based technological giant will be using its own Apple Maps. Apple Maps will boast voice guided turn by turn navigation and 3D maps. Besides these, there


Android Users to Get Jelly Bean on Saint Tib’s Eve

In order to remind me again why I’m not using the Android OS, a simple survey among companies producing smartphones and tablets revealed that there are no plans to upgrade the terminals produced by the most of them. If in Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich the update did not come to the most Android users