iOS 6.0.2 Facing Battery Drain Issue?

The iPhones have traditionally had a good battery life when compared to Android, and that is because there aren’t many memory intrinsic apps running in the background and also because the power consumption is generally less on iOS (unless you’re on LTE). But things have changed today and most Android devices are on par or

iOS 6 Adoption Increased After the Launch of Google Maps

Apple’s iOS operating system has been a slow progress ever since it was launched with the first generation iPhone back in 2007. Don’t get me wrong, it is right up there among the best mobile operating systems in the market, but some would feel it hasn’t evolved as much as people would have liked. Sure,

Apple Could Be Looking to Integrate FourSquare With Apple Maps

The Apple iPhone 5 and the iOS 6 operating system have garnered heaps of praises from loyalists and some critics. However, if there is one aspect where iOS 6 falls behind substantially in comparison to its competition, is in the case of Maps. Apple’s brave and bold decision to ditch Google Maps in favor of

Australian Police Claim Apple Maps Could Be Deadly

We all know how Apple Maps fairs against most of its competition, and it’s not news to us that Apple even acknowledged that in an apology letter to its users. However, the problems still haven’t been fixed, it seems. According to a report by the police in Victoria (Australia), Apple Maps is causing life threatening

Apple Pays 20M For Swiss Clock Design

Apple reportedly paid 20 million Swiss francs, which translates to US  $20.27 million, to the Switzerland-based national rail operator SBB for the use of the latter’s clock design in iOS 6. The figure comes from a Swiss newspaper, which AFP cites  in its article regarding the clock issue. Last September, the Cupertino company made tech

The iPad Mini has Materials Worth $188 Inside

It’s that time again where a newly launched device gets the teardown treatment to reveal quite a few of its characteristics. With reparability being the prime focus, we are also given an insight at what’s running inside. And it’s the iPad Mini this time which receives the teardown treatment. It’s not iFixit though, but IHS

Over 60% of iPhones are running iOS 6

With iPhone 5, Apple also launched the next version of its popular mobile operating system, the iOS 6. There are many controversies that are surrounding this update of iOS. When it comes to software, Apple is assumed to pay a lot of attention to very minute details and the outcome has been pretty neat until

Nokia tells iOS 6 users to try its maps

Apple released the next version of iOS, the iOS 6, last week. iOS 6 is great and is packed with 200 new features. Apple has managed to sell 5 million iPhone 5’s in its opening weekend, which isn’t exactly what analysts had expected. Nevertheless, things are different on iOS 6 side of the news, and

iOS 6 updates reach 100 million

Apple launched the next gen iPhone, the iPhone 5, few days back. The new iPhone 5 isn’t revolutionary as such, and people gave mixed responses. Many were disappointed that there isn’t anything special about the phone, apart from the bigger screen and a faster processor. Some said that there isn’t NFC chip that they were

Swiss Rail Operator Says Apple Copied iOS Clock Design

Switzerland’s state railway operator SBB claims that Apple Inc.’s iOS operating system used its trademark design for its clocks without its permission. The design in question shows a white clock face, black rectangles instead of numbers, black hour and minute hands, and a red second hand with a circle at one end.   Reto Kormann, a

How To Get Google Maps On iPhone 5

When Apple announced it wouldn’t be using Google Maps for iOS 6, it built some kind of excitement considering people know it has all the capacity needed to realize its plans. The iOS 6 Maps application was thought to be a great feature until people found some things that no one ever expected—crooked images, mislabeled

Verizon Cellular FaceTime Now Offered For Free Starting Sept 19

Verizon Wireless is going fast and strong in helping Apple promote some of the features in its popular devices as the U.S. carrier recently announced it will be offering cellular FaceTime to its customers for free. The Big Red is trying to take the lead in this market and analysts expect other carriers to follow

iPhone 5 Now Official: First Looks, Features and Specs

True to their word, Apple has unveiled the next generation of the iPhone 5 today – it is now official.  We have heard all sorts of rumors over the past year about this gadget that the Apple fan boys have been eagerly anticipating.  One of the most talked about feature that the iPhone has indeed

YouTube App Will Be Missing From iOS 6

It has come to light that Apple’s license to use YouTube has expired which means that users will no longer see the client on iOS devices. Thankfully, the absence of the native app will only affect iOS 6, so as long as you remain on iOS 5 or below, you can still use the client.

Apple Maps sources decoded

  With the launch of Apple’s latest version of iOS, the iOS6, Apple will no longer use Google Maps for its mapping needs. Instead of Google Maps, the Cupertino based technological giant will be using its own Apple Maps. Apple Maps will boast voice guided turn by turn navigation and 3D maps. Besides these, there