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Apple Wins Proximity Sensor Lawsuit Against Motorola

Apple vs Motorola, Apple vs. Samsung, Apple vs. some Mexican I.T. firm (over iFone patent), Apple vs. Gradiente (Brazilian company who patented the iphone name) – these are only a few firms whom the Cupertino-based company clashed in the court. It seems that major companies are trying to dominate the market not only by the

ITC Denies HTC In Final Ruling

Back in December the International Trade Commission squashed some of the Apple patent claims against HTC. However they still found in Apple’s favor in regards to patent ‘647.  HTC released the following statement in regards to that patent: “We are very pleased with the determination and we respect it. However, the ‘647 patent is a

Next Media Animation: Steve Jobs Reaction To ITC’s HTC Ruling

Earlier this week the International Trade Commission released their final judgement in the Apple vs. HTC patent case. The ITC made a preliminary ruling in July of this year that HTC had infringed on two of Apple’s patents pertaining to smartphones. The ITC handed down their official ruling on Monday, again finding that HTC was