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Instagram coming to Facebook Home suite

Facebook Home has had a rough start, with a few million downloads and quite a negative response, but CEO Mark Zuckerberg believes in the Android launcher and his company will be adding some new updates, integrating Instagram. Instagram is still quite an independent app from Facebook, even though users can sign in through Facebook and


Instagram now offers video importing and Ice Cream Sandwich support

Instagram 4.1 update brings one signature feature everyone has been requesting for Android and iOS and one new feature from the Instagram team everyone has been begging for since the video functionality was released. Even though the mobile app has faced criticism in its past updates, including the change in terms & policy for user


Instagram surpasses 5 million video uploads in first 24 hours

Instagram pulled a number on Vine when they released video sharing two days ago, but the after effects are only starting to show between the two rival apps. According to Instagram, over five million video uploads happened within the first twenty four hours and at peak times users uploaded forty hours of video per minute.

Facebook reveals Video on Instagram

Facebook has just announced at their press event “Video on Instagram”. You’ll be able to take 15 second videos, upload them, and apply video filters. In addition to video filters, users will also be able to go back and edit their videos, something that isn’t currently available on Vine. Facebook cites that they have added

Video features will be coming to Instagram on June 20

Instagram could be getting video features similar to Vine and other popular short video apps at Facebook’s event on June 20. The update would allow Facebook to challenge Twitter on the video front, as they do in many other areas. The update would allow users to take both photos and short videos, Instagram will allow

Vine becomes the top selling social app on the play store

We have seen many new social apps emerge in the past few years and without doubt one of the most famous app on the play store is Instagram. Instagram has been the top social app on the play store for quite some time but today, Vine has finally surpassed Instagram to grab the top social

Projecteo projector showcases your Instagram shots on walls

Projecteo, the miniature Instagram projector that achieved crowdfunding success last year on Kickstarter, is now available for purchase. To enjoy Projecteo, one needs to go to Projecteo’s website, connect with Instagram, and choose nine photos. Projecteo converts these digital images into a custom wheel of Kodak 35mm slide film. The Projecteo team then sends to the user

Instagram Now Has Photo Tagging Feature

Popular photo sharing and social networking service Instagram has just introduced a “Photo of You” feature that allows you to tag people in photos. The company, which was acquired by Facebook last year, said that the new feature which lets users add “who” on their photos will complement the already available “what” and “where”. Instead

Instagram reaches the 100 million mark

  After so much fuzz about the violating terms and conditions of the famous photo sharing software, Instagram, we never expected it to make the 100 million mark. However, recently we got to know that Instagram has finally crossed the 100 million mark.   According to the photo uploaded by the company, Instagram had over

Socialmatic Instagram Camera Coming In 2014

Instagram has become one of the most popular social photo apps in the iOS or Android platforms. It’s ease of use, excellent filters as well as great social capability are some of the reasons why a lot of people are using it. To date there are more than 100 million users around the world using

Top 3 Free Android Apps For Photography

One of the best things about owning a smartphone is that you can customize it to perform any way you want to by simply installing apps on it. Some people make their smartphones as their gaming center while others their music hub. Most people however will say that they rely heavily on their smartphones for

Top 5 Android Apps Of 2012

A lot of outstanding apps were released this year and it is extremely hard to narrow down the thousands of apps that were released to only a few. I’ve personally picked out my favorite releases that I now use on a day-to-day basis, even though there may be a ton more! You can check them

Instagram Sued Over ToS Changes

Remember the changes done to the Terms of Service of Instagram a week ago? Not only did it draw a lot of negative feedback from its subscribers but the company is now facing a class action suit over it. A case has been filed in the San Francisco federal court by a San Diego based