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Innovative Technology’s Justin Powerbanks Review


With technology evolving by the day and smartphones becoming more powerful than conventional computers, there is an obvious need of mobile power supplies or rechargeable chargers that can be used while the owner is literally on the go. “Powerbank” is the term used by many to describe these mobile chargers and there are now thousands of brands in the U.S. alone.

Innovative Technology sent us 3 different units of their Justin Powerbanks with 10,000mAh, 6,000mAh and 2,000mAh variants. I was able to extensively test them after more than a month of daily use. Batteries, especially those with lower quality, deteriorate over time depending on how often they’re drained and recharged. I already have 3 powerbanks before received these units so I could easily make comparisons and a bunch of portable devices I could use to test them.

Justin 10,000mAh Powerbank


If you have a smartphone with 2,500mAh battery, you can recharge it four times with this powerbank–it’s literally huge. So, if you travel a lot, it is a good companion to make sure your phone wouldn’t run out of power while on the go.

It is about the size of a 5-inch smartphone and its battery is properly enclosed by plastic that is glossy black with chrome lining along its edges. In front, the brand is shown at the top while the LED indicators and its power button is located in the lower part.

The lowest-part is where two USB ports can be found. Yes, there are two ports and you can charge two gadgets at the same time. The first port outputs 1A (Amperes) current while the second one charges your device a lot faster with 2.1A.

In the lower right-most side is the microUSB port for power adapter; it accepts 5 volts of electricity at 1A. So, basically, it doesn’t charge itself fast. It didn’t come with its own power adapter so I have to find one that best fits its specifications and it so happened I have a smartphone with 2,200mAh battery and charger that matches the specs.

Charging the powerbank with a charger producing 1A of current will take more than 24 hours to finish and it leaves the power adapter too hot that it could almost burn your skin. Thus, it’s not really safe to use an underrated power adapter. So, the next time I charged it I used my iPad’s charger that produces 2.1A of current and it only takes 11 hours to finish while leaving the charger at moderate heat.

With its 10,000mAh battery fully charged, I can fully-charge my iPad 2 (6,930mAh) and smartphone (2,200mAh) together. The phone finishes first and about an hour later, the iPad 2 would also show it’s charged. But there is still enough power left to charge my 800mAh flip phone. Thus, the information in the packaging that says it has 10,000mAh battery is true.

For over a month now, I’ve been using this powerbank to charge devices (but I also did some other tests) I just mentioned and as far as I’m concerned, its battery never deteriorated…yet. In fact, I just recharged them before I wrote this.

Overall, this powerbank is worthy to be your companion. It fits the front and back pockets of your jeans, it’s not heavy to carry, it has sleek but minimalist design, and most importantly it is powerful enough to charge your tablet and smartphone or any USB-charging gadgets.

This unit goes into my backpack with three other powerful powerbanks and a bunch of gadgets.

Justin 6,000mAh Powerbank


The second unit is rated to have 6,000mAh battery inside. It’s still powerful for smartphones but not for tablets; it can charge my iPad 2 up to 85 to 87 percent only.

But just like the first unit, it is also faithful to its rating. To know that I had to use two smartphones; my 2200mAh phone and the other with 1400mAh battery. I can fully charge the bigger smartphone twice and the smaller one once only as the second charging would stop between 10 and 12 percent. I tried this test three times and the results were consistent.

While I don’t bring it with me when I travel, it sits comfortably on my table to serve not only as a paperweight but a smartphone holder. It has a built-in phone holder for smartphones with thickness 9mm and below. However, only smartphones with square edges can be placed on it as it cannot hold phones with round edges.

This 6,000mAh powerbank has an all-black color. In front, you can clearly see the brand, its LED indicators and power button. To the left is where it’s input port is located while the output is to the right.

Justin 2,000mAh Powerbank


Well, it’s small and cylindrical in shape. It’s still colored black with thin chrome linings on both ends. It has one output port and one input. However, if the first two units didn’t come with their own power adapters, this one did.

Aside from its power adapter, it also came with a small pouch and a car charger/adapter.

The unit charges at a rate of 1A and it is good for devices with 2,000mAh battery or lower. It can only charge my 2,200mAh smartphone up to 88 percent so it is still faithful to rating.

With its size, it can sure fit in any of your pockets. It’s a little bigger than an AA battery so it’s not heavy. It’s ideal for ladies who always carry with them their pouches as it is almost the size of their lipsticks.


These Justin powerbanks are good in a sense that they came as advertised especially when it comes to the power rating of their batteries. Their design is minimalist and not flashy. As for me, I don’t need a powerbank that looks better than my smartphone. All I need is a powerbank that is powerful enough to keep my gadgets going until I reach my destination.

If I paid for these units, would it be worth it? YES!

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