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Ingress app officially comes out of Beta, now available for all

Ingress Logo

Ingress LogoNote: we received note from Ingress that the invite process has been dropped but the game is still in beta

The augmented reality game, Ingress on Android is now accessible by all as the developers have brought it out of Beta. Previously an invite only affair, the game can now be downloaded by any Android user through the Google Play Store. Popular by word of mouth, Ingress has been around for almost an year now and it’s good to see that the developers (Niantic) want more users to get hold of this increasingly addictive AR game.

The game consists of two rival factions known as the Enlightened and the Resistance who fight against each other for control of the XM otherwise known as the Exotic Matter. The game needs you to keep moving around the city in order to capture more Portals which is sometimes acquired by the rival factions. The game is not very heavy on graphics but makes up for it with intuitive and addictive gameplay. Give the game a try if you have time to kill, but be aware that you might get hooked onto it pretty quickly. Download the app from the Play Store link below.

Source: Ingress (Google Play Store)

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Top 5 Augmented Reality Apps For Android

The technology of augmented reality makes it possible to blur the lines between the digital world and the real world. Defined simply it is the process of adding sounds, graphics, smell, haptic feedback and any other sensory input to the real world as it exists. While a lot of people are waiting for the release of Google Glasses to experience this you can actually do so now by simply installing augmented reality apps for your Android device.

augmented reality apps

Here’s our selection of the top 5 augmented reality apps you can download right now.



This app has the distinction of being voted as the “Best Augmented Reality Browser 2009-2012″. The app is free to download over at Google Play and lets you connect to your immediate surroundings in a new way. With the help of your device’s camera you will be able to get information on places such as restaurants, bars, and hotels among others. There are more than 100 million places available for you to browse. Aside from looking up information you can also play AR games with this app such as Alien Attack, Swat The Fly or Bubble Tap.



This is one of the world’s most popular AR apps with more than 25 million downloads over at Google Play. Once you install this app on your device you use the camera to scan certain objects around you. You can scan magazine ads, newspapers, objects and the app will provide you with the related information of the scanned object. You will also be able to find important locations around you using this app such as ATMs and restaurants.

3D Compass+ (AR Compass)

3D Compass (AR Compass)

This is a free app you can download over at Google Play that provides you with a reality view of the world as you are driving your car. It works best when you mount your Android device on your car dashboard.

Some of the information you can get while driving and using the app are

  • 3D compass with augmented reality view
  • Show reality view, 3D compass, map, coordinates, address and speed in the same view
  • Show heading and degrees in big font
  • Show speed and true north direction if GPS is enabled
  • Show altitude that retrieved from GPS or pressure sensor
  • Show map/address of current location

Just make sure to keep your eyes on the road when using this app.

Sky Map

sky map

This free to download app which is developed by Google provides you with information about the night sky. All you have to do is point your device to the sky and it will provide you with accurate information on the name of the stars, planets and constellations above you. The app uses your GPS information to pinpoint your exact location and give you with the view of the sky as seen from where you are. This is a must have app to have if you are interested in what lies above you.



Ingress is a game developed by Niantic Labs is probably the best AR game available right now. The game allows you to choose between two sides, Enlightened or Resistance. The gameplay will then depend on the choice you make. Your surroundings become the game environment where you will need to collect objects, tap sources of energy or capture enemy territory. The game is currently in closed beta but will soon be made available to the public.

Google Sending Out Invites For Their Augmented Reality Game

Google Niantic Labs is unveiling their latest project. It is a new augmented reality game called Ingress. Yes, it is an actual augmented reality game. Unfortunately, the game is in a invite only stage. With Google behind this project, it’s bound to produce some amazing results and maybe even take augmented reality to the next level. There isn’t a whole lot of information on the game right now, but from the video you can see a few examples of what to expect. It’s a cool concept, hopefully Google will manage to execute it perfectly.

In Ingress, Players will have to generate a type of virtual energy that is needed to play the game. To do this, you have to pick up units of “XM” which you can collect through real-world surroundings. With this energy you collect you will go on missions around the world to “portals.” These portals will somehow be connected to libraries, public art and other major places, Talk Android notes. One of the best things about this game is that players will be able to play anywhere they are in the world. It isn’t limited to one specific area.

Again, Ingress is invite only at this point and their isn’t a lot of information about it. To sign up, you can hit the source link below.

source: Ingress
via: Talk Android