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Launchport for iPad

Apple’s iPad, a line of tablet computers, has been sold in millions. Apple wasn’t the first one to launch a tablet computer as there have been many tablet computers in the market much before iPad was launched, but iPad started the tablet craze to say the least. Tablets are great for the portability factor they

Wait Here’s Another Samsung Galaxy S III Rumor: Wireless Charging

A short while ago we posted a story about the Korea Times reporting that the Samsung Galaxy S III carrying a quad-core Samsung Exonys processor. That story is reportedly sourced by a high ranking Samsung Executive. Now we’re here to report that the Samsung Galaxy S III may also feature wireless charging. According to the

Verizon Wireless Stores Finally Get HTC Thunderbolt Charging Back

If you’ve been waiting for the HTC Thunderbolt charging back plate that is compatible with the Verizon Wireless charging dock, the wait is over, at least in most stores. Verizon Wireless corporate stores started receiving the wireless charging battery cover for the HTC Thunderbolt. The inductive battery cover allows you to charge your HTC Thunderbolt