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Pivothead SMART Uses A New Modular Approach To Smart Glasses

A new kind of smart glasses may be coming to the market very soon as a crowdfunded project over at Indiegogo has already reached its goal. Pivothead SMART shares a couple of similarities with Google Glass, but it has some distinct features of its own. One notable feature is its modular capability that lets users

Project S

Project S smartphone goes up on IndieGoGo with a $5 million funding goal

Indiegogo usually sees a lot of projects and campaigns going up for funding requirements. One such campaign which recently went up is Project S by Taiwanese manufacturer BungBungame. This developer house came into existence back in 2008 and is renowned for its apps as well as budget tablets launched in Taiwan over the past few years. However,

Wizarm Is An ARM-Powered TV Box With DVR Capabilities

There are already lots of devices out in the market that allows consumers to run Android apps on their TV, some even priced as low as $30, but none might be as powerful as the Wizarm. The Wizarm is described as “a synergic mediabox for smart handling of digital streams” by its developers and is

A.I Smartwatch

A.I Watch is the latest smartwatch in town

2013 has certainly turned out to be the year of smartwatches with plenty of new offerings being launched. Add one more to that list now in the form of the new A.I Watch. But unlike conventional smartwatches, this one comes with support for a SIM card. Running a customized version of Android 4.0.4, the A.I

PengPod 1040 Is A Quad Core Linux-Android Tablet Campaign

The last time PengPod ran a campaign at Indiegogo it was able to get the funding that it needed. Right now the same team is back with a new campaign for the PengPod 1040. This new 9.7-inch tablet sports a quad core processor and is able to dual boot between Android and Linux. The PengPod

galaxy s4 active wireless charging

Samsung Galaxy S4 Active to get wireless charging accessory

A new IndieGoGo campaign has been set off to get the Qi standard wireless charging onto the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active smartphone. This fund raising project will act as a pre-order listing for the accessory rather than an actual Kickstarter fundraiser, so regardless of the goals, the product will be manufactured. Known as the WiQiQi

Ubuntu Edge

Canonical Ubuntu Edge sets new crowdfunding record

Canonical Ubuntu Edge has set a new record as the highest-earning fixed crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. It has surpassed the record set by the Pebble smartwatch by raising $10,671,147 in funds even before its campaign ends on August 21st, or five days from today. Pebble, for its part, raised $10,266,845 for its smartwatch, and held its


Ubuntu Edge will not reach goal with current pace

The Ubuntu Edge is one of the most ambitious moves on IndieGogo, with a $27 million funding campaign and no flexible campaign goal, it is pushing the limit on just how much support a crowdsourcing website can give. Sadly, it seems Canonical has failed, with just two weeks to go the Ubuntu Edge still has


Ubuntu Edge now selling for $695 on IndieGogo

After yet another price change, Canonical will now be selling the Ubuntu Edge at $695 to IndieGogo backers. With the original highest price at $830, it seems Canonical has changed their mind and went to a lower scale, possibly to gain more backers in the last two weeks of the campaign, after an incredible start.