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How to use Android Device Manager for tracking your kids

Privacy and security have grown to become very big concerns in today’s highly-connected world. With a considerable part of the world’s population owning a mobile device, it’s likely that these devices are also being used to keep track of our whereabouts, too. There has been quite some buzz about government agencies spying on calls and

PengPod Fulfills Fundraising Goal, Ships Tablets in January

PengPod has successfully raised the $49,000 fundraising goal it needed with the help of the  crowd funding website indigogo. To date, the company has collected $72,707 which it will use to support the development of software for its array of products. According to its indiegogo description, PengPod’s goal is to “build a powerful, True Linux

Korner Is A Simple To Use Budget Home Security System

A new type of security system is about to hit the market which is priced at under $100 and can be setup in under 2 minutes. The device is called Korner and is composed of an Ethernet dongle (Fob) that connects to a router and a tag which sticks to the corner of the door

Dimple Is A Customizable Android NFC Button

Are you looking for a way to access some of the features of your Android smartphone without performing a lengthy navigation of its menu? If your device is running on at least Android 4.0 and has an NFC feature then you might want to use Dimple. This is a sticker that you attach to your

Rufus Cuff Is The Phablet Of Smartwatches

Most smartwatch models sold in the market today have displays that are less than 2 inches. This is pretty much the standard size since these devices are worn on the wrist. Rufus Labs on the other hand wants to break free from then normal smartwatch size by offering one with a 3 inch display. The

IBOX Mini Computer Powered By AllWinner A20 Runs Android And Linux

Enthusiasts who want to experiment with the Android operating system or simply want to use Android on a computer should consider the latest product of ITEAD Studio called the IBOX. The device uses an AllWinner A20 dual core Cortex A7 processor combined with 1GB of RAM and 4GB of flash memory. What’s probably interesting about

Webee Is An Android Home Automation System

The Android operating system is a very flexible platform. Aside from being used in smartphones, tablets, and set-top boxes it can also be used in smart home automation systems.  This is where Webee comes in; it is being called as the first real smart home learning system that is affordable for everyone. Webee runs on

Snooperscope Gives Night Vision To Mobile Devices

Have you ever wanted to see what goes on in the dark even without the lights on? You could do this by getting some night vision equipment or you could use your existing mobile device by attaching an accessory that allows you to see in the dark. Meet the Snooperscope, an accessory that allows you

Atlas Fitness Tracker Aims To Bring True Workout Tracking

There are already several fitness trackers available in the market today however one model wants to stand out from the rest by providing fitness aficionados with a way to track their different activities and gathers data on various statistics. The Atlas fitness tracker is a fitness tracker packed with sensors that is able to recognize

InputStick Is A Wireless USB Receiver For Android Devices

Have you ever wanted to expand the features of your Android device by making it act as a mouse, keyboard, or game controller? There are some solutions available in the market that allows you to do his however what’s probably one of the best solutions is by using InputStick. InputStick is a wireless USB receiver