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Stay away from the unofficial iMessage Chat app for Android

Apple’s iMessage chat client is widely popular world over, but the fact that it’s limited only to Macs and iOS devices is kind of a hindrance. But a developer has decided to change that by rolling out an unofficial iMessage app to the Google Play Store. But while the app appears to be attractive at

BlackBerry Messenger: The End of Platform Specific Services?

BlackBerry Messenger, is about to launch on Android and iOS. BlackBerry Messenger used to be a feature exclusive to BlackBerry phones, and which was a major selling point for the Waterloo-based company’s devices. The smartphone market has changed a lot in the past few years, and BlackBerry Messenger has to either go cross-platform or become

CyanogenMod to Offer Secure Messaging Service to Rival iMessage

One of the world’s most popular third party ROMs for Android devices aims to create a much more secure mobile environment. CyanogenMod which is popular for its Incognito Mode feature is currently working on an encrypted messaging service which is called PushSMS and aims to rival the security features of iMessage. Steve Kondik of CyanogenMod

Apple’s iMessage Services Proving Impossible for DEA To Tap

Want to make sure that your messages are impossible to intercept? Why not use Apple’s iMessage service. According to a DEA report the United States government is having a hard time cracking into Apple’s encrypted messaging service for domestic lawful wiretapping. This after an investigation the DEA conducted last February was thwarted as the surveillance targets

Motorola Forgot To Wipe The Data On Some Refurbed Xooms

Motorola has made a mistake and wants to rectify it as soon as possible. We learned from a press release sent out on Friday that an allotment of Xoom tablets that were sent to Woot to be sold as “refurbished” were not properly wiped. The tablets in question were sold by Woot between October and