Acer Extend Turns Your Android Smartphone To A Laptop

Acer recently announced at IFA a concept device that aims to extend the features of an Android smartphone. Acer Extend is a clamshell type dock that is composed of a keyboard, display, and a 6,000 mAh battery. It is works similarly to another product of the company, the Asus Padfone. During the demo an Acer

Mystery HTC Tablet Poses for the Camera

It seems like HTC has some cool plans for the upcoming IFA event in Berlin with a new leak revealing what appears to be an HTC branded tablet. Courtesy of @evleaks on Twitter, these pictures look a lot like Apple’s iMac, but more on that later. This mystery HTC tablet has posed for a number

Australian Court Wants iPad Numbers Before Final Ruling

As you’ve probably noticed by now anywhere you turn Apple is suing someone over their patents.  Last week we learned that Apple feels Android goes all the way back to 1992 and Andy Rubin’s days working for Apple. In their lawsuit against Samsung in Australia, Apple has been granted a preliminary injunction. This means that

IFA 2011 News: Navigon Unveils Next Generation of Android Navigation Apps

Although all Android phones feature Google Maps and Navigation, there are some users out there that prefer third party navigation apps. Some of the third party navigation and mapping apps have more indepth features because these companies specialize in one thing, and that’s navigation.  Navigon is one of those companies, a trusted name in navigation.

Samsung Adds 7.7″ Galaxy Tab and 5.3″ Phoneblet, Galaxy Note

Samsung mobile unpacked came at the end of the Samsung press conference at IFA this morning. After waiting through the presentations on smart tvs, new cameras, the Samsung Series 7 chronos and the new Wave 3 phone Samsung’s D.J. Lee got into the meat and potatoes of what we’ve been waiting for and that’s two

Samsung Offers UnPacked App To Keep Up With Their Big IFA News

At last years IFA convention in Berlin, Samsung made big news as they announced the original 7″ Samsung Galaxy Tab.  After the initial press conference we went down to Samsung Mobile’s IFA booth that was literally the size of an airplane hanger where they showed off hundreds of the game changing tablet. This year they