Amid growth slowdown, are tablets losing their appeal?

IDC says tablet sales growth have considerably slowed down this year. Does this mean tablets are starting to fizzle out in popularity? What’s the next big trend, then? The year 2013 was the year of Android tablets. During that period, tablet sales grew 51.6 percent over 2012 figures, mostly fueled by sales of inexpensive no-brand

Android shipments nearly reached 800 million in 2013: IDC

According to a report by the IDC, total Android shipments in 2013 nearly reached a whopping 800 million. This was largely due to low cost and midrange devices on offer from a variety of manufacturers, especially in Asian markets. The fact that rival offerings like the iPhone aren’t really wallet friendly further boosted sales of

Phablet shipments are on the rise: IDC

Phablet shipments are on the rise: IDC

The popularity of supersized smartphones is increasing, according to the figures of the phablet shipments recorded in IDC’s research which covers the third quarter of 2013. These phablets, which measure between 5 inches and above, accounted for 21 percent of the 261.1 million total smartphone sales during the aforementioned quarter. The number marks a 3

Android Games Now Outsells Sony & Nintendo Handheld Console Games

A new report by IDC and App Annie shows that Android games now outsells games for Nintendo’s 3DS and Sony’s PlayStation Vita combined. People spent more games from google Play than that of gaming optimized handhelds for the second quarter of this year. The report also shows that game spending on both iOS and Android

Smartphones Will Outnumber Feature Phones Shipment Says NPD Forecast

A new prediction from the market research firm called NPD, showed that the overall shipments of smartphones all over the world will actually outnumber the figures for feature phones this 2013. The source of the report, The Next Web, said that this would be the first instance wherein smartphones shipments will overtake the latter. The

Global PC Shipments Sales Decline Steepest Ever

The personal computer market is in a crisis as sales have declined steeply for the first quarter of this year. International Data Corp says that for the first three months of this year sales have declined by as much as 14 percent. This data includes desktop and laptop sales and is the worst decline ever

IDC: Android To Overtake Apple In Tablet Market By 2015

Many thought they would never see the day when Google’s new open source operating system, Android, would overthrow Apple in mobile OS market share. Low and behold that’s been done, and several times over. Now with a fresh “New iPad” less than 3 days away it’s hard to imagine Android overthrowing Apple in the tablet

Analalyst: This Generation Of Tablets Not Post-PC Devices

There’s been a lot of talk about the “Post PC” era. Most of the chatter started at Apple. Before his death Apple’s CEO and Co-Founder, Steve Jobs, positioned the iPad as “Post PC” devices. Trusted industry analyst and research firm IDC has said we are not in a “Post PC” era. This statement from IDC

IDC: Android Tablets Grew 8.2 Points To 34% Of Global Market Share

The most recent quarterly numbers have been published by the International Data Corporation pertaining to global tablet sales.  The IDC has reported that while tablet sales fell over the last quarter by 28%, Android tablets increased their market share 8.2 percentage points to 34% of the global market share. Apple’s iPad and iPad 2 still