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Bully Buster USA And Iconosys Team Up For The Release Of Word Bully 3.0 For Android

“Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me” pardon my language but that’s the biggest crock of shit we learned in school. Sure they don’t physically hurt you but they can drive the bullying victim to tears, withdraw and even suicide. Now bully’s have a new weapon, the mobile phone. If you don’t think this is happening at your son or daughter, or even your school your dead wrong.

Nowadays instead of writing on the bathroom wall “For a good time call Sally 555-1212” cyber bully’s obtain the victim’s cell phone number and text and taunt them. They are also notorious for spreading cell phone numbers around so whole groups can cyber bully the same victim.

How serious is cyber-bullying? It’s been covered here on, newspapers nationwide from the Baltimore Sun to the LA Times and on all of the network morning shows. Cyber Bullying is so serious that Jillian Naber a Los Gatos teenager killed herself after falling the victim to cyber-bullying.

A topless photo of Naber had surfaced at her school and had been spread around the community virally.

Iconosys, a major white label app developer in Laguna Niguel California has teamed up with and Bully Buster USA has teamed up for the 3rd release of Word Bully. The new release is Word Bully 3.0.

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Mobile App Studio Iconosys Merges With Daily Deals Company Monster Offers

You may have heard about Iconosys a lot here on, that’s because in addition to being the powerhouse developers behind thedroidguy app they’ve also created over 2,000 apps in a mix between their own apps and private labels for companies as big as Del Monte. They are also responsible for the technology borrowed by Sprint for their Drive Safe app, a cause that CEO Wayne Irving is passionate about.

Today Iconosys announced that they are merging with daily deals aggregator and analytics company Monster Offers. The combined company will still be called Iconosys. Monster Offers and Iconosys recently announced a joint venture deal aggregation app called “Monster Deals” which we’ve been checking out for a while and it’s great because it pulls deals, by GPS location, from every possible daily deal source around you.

Aside from that both companies have great corporate relationships that when merged will provide a network of some of the best relationships in the mobile apps business.

Under the terms of a letter intent signed today in Orange County CA, Monster offers CEO Paul Gain will be appointed to the board and serve as the company President while Iconosys CEO Wayne Irving will continue as CEO.

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App Developing Veterans Iconosys Take On Daily Deals With New Monster Deals For Android

The powerhouse Android app development firm Iconosys has finally entered the daily deals market with their new Monster Deals app. Iconosys CEO Wayne Irving told that they had been waiting to perfect the daily deals app for Android and separate their product from the rest of the daily deals apps out there. Of course they’ve done a fabulous job.

If you’re not familiar with Iconosys they’ve been in the app space since the start of the Android platform and have specialized in making useful apps that appeal to families, kids and every day peple. They’re also the developer behind “thedroidguy” app in the Google Play Store.

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Inconosys Takes On Kony Using Android With Kick Kony’s Ass Android App

Wayne Irving, the CEO of Iconosys, a developer of fine apps for Android, has let his social conscious get the best of him in an amusing app that brings awareness to the tragic situation in Uganda.  Kick Kony’s Ass is a new Android app that according to Iconosys is a:

“supportive attempt to heighten public scrutiny regarding reports of genocide and massive loss of personal freedoms suffered by the people of Uganda and Congo at the hands of Joseph Kony”

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If You Take Medicine You Need This Android App: Digital Pillbox

A new app from our friends at Iconosys (who make thedroidguy app) has hit the Android Market. This app solves one of America’s biggest health problems.

The biggest illness is the fact that people do not take their medicines as they are directed and/or as their health requires.”  According to Dr. Silvio Margiles, a retired pediatrician and former chairman for the Argentina Medical Board.

That’s where DigitalPillBox comes in.  DigitalPillBox is like a pill box reminder app on steroids. It features a much more appealing graphical interface than other pill box reminder apps. It also has a library of images of the most common pills to remind people exactly what medicines they are supposed to be taking visually and with text. If the pill takers medicine isn’t in the library they can use their phones camera to take a picture of the exact medicine they are supposed to be taking. If you take three pills at the same time you can take a picture of all three together.

Features like that are great for people with chronic illness or take medicine at a regular basis. The picture feature is especially helpful when the person taking the medication is with others. Perhaps they aren’t feeling well and need help on a certain day, a friend or relative would be able to help figure out what medicine they are supposed to be taking by simply looking at the picture.

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With Cyber Bullying On Mobile Devices On The Rise Word Bully 2.0 Is Introduced To Android Market

Earlier this week we revealed an alarming statistic and that is that cyber bullying via mobile phone is up 41% for teenagers.

Cyber bullying originated online and was most prevalent on social networking sites like Myspace and Facebook. On those sites someone would start picking on the bullying target and others would flock in and join them. Kids bullied other kids over everything.

Cyber Bullying got so bad that a child’s mother was able to cyber bully another child to suicide over cheerleading, read about that here on Dr. Phil.

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Keep Track Of Your Driving Speed With My Max Speed 2.0 For Android

Iconosys has announced the release of My Max Speed 2.0 to the Android Market. My Max Speed keeps track of the speed that you’re traveling at and makes a database notation every 5 seconds.

Why would you need this kind of information:

– To monitor how fast you actually drove on a trip
– To monitor how fast you actually drove on the way to work and then recalculating your commute
– To makes sure you stay within the legal limit
– To know if your new driver children are speeding

There are countless reasons that you could use information like this. My Max Speed 2.0 enters all this information into a spreadsheet that you can download as an excel file.  Not only that but within the spreadsheet, on an Android phone, you can tap the speed and it will show you on a map where you were traveling at.

Wayne Irving CEO of Iconosys and father of three teenage children said:”There are hundreds of reasons to run My Max Speed on your smart phone. We expect many will help protect drivers’ rights while others will make the roads safer. For example, our children are more apt to drive slower/safer if they know there is a chance that I will be checking their speed reports,”

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Do You Fuel Your Car With Alternative Fuels? These Apps Are For You

The folks at Iconosys are at it again. They’ve designed a suite of  great apps that serves a great purpose. This time their target is those who power their cars with alternative fuel. Are you running your Mercedes with bio-fuel? Do you need a place to plug in your car? This is for you!

The new Alternative Fuels app by Iconosys gives you a GPS guide to finding refueling locations, even on your travel routes.

The Alternative Fuels app covers just about every way to power your car outside of typical petroleum. If you fuel your vehicle with alcohols, compressed natural gas, electricity, hydrogen, liquified natural gas, liquified petroleum gas, liquids made from coal, and biodiesel, it’s in the app.

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Iconosys Introduces Kiss My Valentine App

Iconosys, the makers of such great apps as: Trick or Tracker, All I want From Santa and Thedroidguy App, have done it again, and for another holiday no less.

Iconosys has introduced to the Android market a new Valentine’s Day centric app called “Kiss My Valentine”. You’ll never forget a valentine again with Kiss My Valentine, and if you have multiple Valentines you’ll be able to keep up with them much easier. Not only that but Kiss My Valentine is available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Chinese.

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10 Questions With Wayne Irving CEO Of Iconosys

A decade ago Wayne Irving was at the top of his game in the online and financial world. Irving was running his own 100 employee strong dotcom backed by powerhouse names like Goldman Sachs, Merill Lynch, and ING Barrings. Irving’s prosperous online entrepreneurial career has spanned from media, to security, to mobile apps, to family focused mobile apps and even the bathroom remodeling industry.

Over the past two years we’ve seen some great family and holiday centric apps coming out of Iconosys. Iconosys does more than just holiday and family apps. As we learn in the interview with Iconosys’ CEO Wayne Irving, holiday apps, family centric apps and games weren’t even Iconosys’ first plans.  We’ve seen a handful of great apps released by Iconosys for Iconosys however they’ve developed over 900 apps to date for themselves and their partners.

Now though, with a sounding board around his dining room table, and feedback from hundreds of thousands of users, Iconosys is an app machine. They’ve got some very exciting things lined up for 2012 kicking off at CES next week.

Trick or Tracker, Latch Key Kid, My Max Speed, All I Want From Santa and many more of Iconosys’ apps address things that are relevant to the average Android and smartphone user.

While Iconosys pushes on with more and more great Android apps it wasn’t an easy road. Irving talks to us about their Drive Reply app and how what he thought they had a partnership with Sprint. Irving came to find that almost all of the features in Drive Reply were put into Sprints’ app with similar functionality.  Read about that and more in our interview with Irving.

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Iconosys Introduces: New Years Buzzer For Android

It’s time for another holiday, which of course means it’s time for another Iconosys app. Iconosys does an awesome job with apps focused around the holidays that are great for the whole family, which is why we find ourselves writing about each and everyone of them.

This isn’t like Angry Birds which uses a holiday to release more birds, or levels, each of Iconosys’ apps centers around something important to every age group.  Their most recent apps; Christmas Tree Lot Finder, All I Want From Santa, Hanukkah Wish List App and Twinkle The Star of Bethlehem all served a unique, different, and interactive purpose for the Android user.

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Hanukkah Wish List App Hits The Android Market

The fine folks at Iconosys Inc, the creators of the widely popular Trick or Trackr, Christmas Tree Lot Finder and All I Want From Santa app have released the Hanukkah Wish List App.

The Hanukkah wish list app gives Jewish children across the world access to a wish listing app where they can create and share their Hanukkah wish lists with their parents, friends and families.

In addition to creating wish lists the Hanukkah wish list app gives children a thank you note writing tool that was also introduced with Iconosys’ All I Want From Santa app teaching children the importance of saying thank you during gift giving seasons.

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All I Want From Santa App Keeps Track Of Your Childrens List And Letters To Santa

Back in the olden days before computers and the internet kids used to sit down with a pen and paper and write letters to Santa detailing what they wanted for Christmas. Those letters were either sent to the north pole, or dropped in Santa mailboxes.

In those days, if your kid was smart, like Wayne Irving II’s kids were, (co-creator of All I Want From Santa), then they sealed that letter up right away leaving parents wondering what they wanted. If your kids believed in Santa Claus than they probably didn’t want to tell their parents what they told Santa as to not spoil the surprise.

Well it’s 2011 and fulfilling your kids wish list just got easier with the help of the All I Want From Santa app.  This feature packed app keeps track of what’s on your kids Christmas list, what they’ve sent to Santa and now it even prioritizes those Christmas wants.

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Find A Christmas Tree Lot With Your Android Phone Using: My Tree Lot Finder

Iconosys, the company that brought out the hit trick or tracker Android app to help parents locate their kids during halloween (and all the time), during Halloween 2010 has released an app to help you find your next Christmas Tree.

Now if you aren’t the type to run into WalMart for the latest in fake trees and you need a real, good smelling, Christmas tree this app is for you.

  • My Tree Lot Finder can save you time and money by locating the closest tree farms/lots to you at any time, day or night, with a touch of a single button on the user’s Smartphone for ultimate convenience.
  • Search tree lots and farms by Zipcode, or drag the map, getting the tree lots in your target area with Driving Directions, website address and lot hours and phone number. Maybe on the way home from Grandma’s house this Thanksgiving?
  • Support non-profits, the Boy Scouts, a church fund-raiser, buy local, or from an independent or family owned tree lot or farm, find the next nearest mom and pop tree lot from your GPS location with a single click, even at night.
  • By clicking on the map at the location of other tree lots, you can see the deals and amenities that tree lots and farms are offering to get your business. Do they have pony rides? Firewood?
  • Adjust the map to reveal the tree lots in a particular target area, like grandma’s house by simply adjusting a target zip code in the Search button.
  • 100’s of the nation’s best tree lots and farms are being added daily.
  • Get tree care advice, keep that tree fresh and green right up until Christmas Day.
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