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Ice Cream Sandwich

Android: Now Here Are Some Things We Could Get From Apple

With Ice Cream Sandwich right around the corner we are looking forward to the next big significant change on Android handsets. While it won’t be that big a jump for tablets some of the handset feature improvements will be huge.  I for one have become accustomed to the true multi-tasking ability on a Honeycomb tablet.

Ice Cream Sandwich Photos Leaked

Whether this is for real or not, Android Police have just gotten their hands on some photos of what looks to be an Ice Cream Sandwich build running on a Nexus S. There aren’t really any shots of the UI or anything that would get us SUPER excited, but there is enough UI shots to

Detailed Nexus S 4G Rumors Begin

This morning BGR is reporting, through an unnamed source, many of the features that you will see on the next official “Google” Android Phone and the flagship device for Ice Cream Sandwich. Now understand Jonathan Geller, Boy Genius Extraordinaire, has been doing this reporter thing, well, ,since he was a kid so he’s pretty sharp

Breaking: Google Courting LG & HTC For 3rd Nexus (with image)

Mike over at scored an exclusive from an old college buddy that works on the Android team over at Google.  This buddy of Mike’s revealed that Google is courting both HTC and LG to manufacture the next installment of the Nexus saga. HTC manufactured the first Nexus One phone that is still more popular

Eric Schmidt On Android Releases: Gingerbread & Honeycomb Are Current..

Although we’ve already heard that the next release of Android will be called Ice Cream Sandwich, Eric Schmidt clarified the Google Android releases today in the Q&A portion of his keynote address. Schmidt said that there are two very distinct current versions of Android, Gingerbread which is for phones and Honeycomb which is for tablets. 

German Nexus S Spotted Running Android 2.4 Hold Your Horses?

Often sensationalistic site Pop Herald has made us aware of a screen shot and a video of a Nexus S in Germany running Android 2.4 although we are only on Android 2.3, Gingerbread. We just recently found out that the next version of Android (presumably for handsets) is Ice Cream Sandwich, could this be the

Android: I is For Ice Cream Sandwich

With all of the delicious sounding build out names for Android we would expect Andy Rubin to be a hefty man, obviously it’s not the case. No matter who it is with the sweet tooth at the Googleplex the next version of Android after 3.0 Honeycomb is Ice Cream. Rubin told Tech Crunch’s Michael Arrington