Building apps for a mobile audience? Here are a few tools you can try

Mobile strategy is gaining prominence among businesses, regardless of whether one does business online or offline. According to Google’s own executive chairman and former CEO Eric Schmidt, if you don’t have a mobile strategy, then you don’t have a future strategy at all. This is the reasoning at Facebook, for instance. The social network is


Amazon AppStore will now offer web apps

Even though the Amazon AppStore is essentially just another app on the Google Play store, the e-commerce giant want to make sure they have developers making experience just for their apps store. Amazon will now allow HTML5 apps onto the AppStore, pushing for more web developers to create apps native to the Android platform, that

ZTE Open Firefox OS Device Gets A Spec Sheet At MWC

We all know that a Firefox powered mobile device is coming out soon but do you know what the specifications of the device running on this new operating system will be? At the Mobile World Congress which is currently held at Barcelona an anonymous tipster found out the specs of the ZTE Open which is

Dune II Gets Ported To HTML5 Browsers

Kids of the 90’s will remember playing Dune II which was quite popular during that time. This title, which was developed by Westwood Studios, became one of the pioneers in the real time strategy genre and would be the blueprint for other RTS games that came after it. If you’ve wanted to play this game

Mapquest Launches New HTML 5 Based Mobile Website

We thought long and hard about running this story, I mean does anyone even use Mapquest anymore? Well after realizing we ran a story on Hotmail last night, Retro Wednesday continues and here’s the latest news from MapQuest. Mapquest, a wholly owned subsidiary of AOL (see that retro Wednesday thing we were talking about), today

HTML 5 Track Added At Streaming Media East

We know that those of us lucky enough to get a Google IO ticket in time will be in San Francisco on May 10th and 11th but for those of you that didn’t or live on the east coast there is a conference called Streaming Media East being held at the Hilton New York City