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What the Death of Flash for Android Means

It is official.  As of yesterday, Adobe dropped Flash for Android and will be blocking all future installations (read the story here).  What does this mean for the future of the internet for Android?  How about flash-based games and applications that we are so much used to?  What direction will this issue steer Android or

Appsbar Let’s You Create Web And Facebook Apps Now Too

Appsbar, probably the easiest DIY (do it yourself) Android app building platform has just announced the addition of web apps and Facebook apps. Now in addition to making an app in the time it takes to wait for a Domino’s pizza (30 minutes or less) your app can now be ready for the web (pc

HTML 5 Developer’s Conference Adds HTML 5 Hackathon

The Silicon Valley International Game Developer’s Association is holding an HTML 5 Developer’s Conference September 27th at the Westin Hotel on 3rd Street in San Francisco on Tuesday September 27th. The all day event will focus on thriving development in the HTML 5 world with speakers including David Herman of Mozilla, Jason Hoffman at Joyent,