HTC Bolt

HTC Bolt could feature a Snapdragon 810 chipset

The #Snapdragon810 chipset was marred with controversy last year for its overheating issues. Leading to the failure of several smartphones, including HTC’s #OneM9. The issue was so severe that Samsung ultimately decided to go with its home-grown Exynos 7420 SoC for the #GalaxyS6 duo, which turned out to be a masterstroke for Samsung considering its sales

Google Pixel

Early review praises the battery life of the Google Pixel

The #GooglePixel is yet to reach a lot of consumers, but some have already gotten a bite of the device. And according to a user on Reddit, Google’s new Pixel phone has shown a pretty impressive battery life so far. This is thanks to the battery optimization done by Google with Android 7.1 Nougat. While

[Deal] Unlocked HTC One M8 for $119.99

The unlocked version of the #HTC #OneM8 can now be yours for just $119.99 on eBay. The smartphone comes with a pretty attractive hardware specs sheet underneath, which is why it’s such a steal at this price point. You’re getting an all metal flagship here, which is more than what most budget ranged offerings can

HTC One A9

[Deal] HTC One A9 for $259.99

The #HTC #OneA9 from 2015 is now available for an attractive price of $259.99 via eBay. The smartphone was launched hot on the heels of the Android 6.0 announcement, with HTC promising timely and rapid updates for the device going forward. Although the company has fallen short on that promise recently, it’s no doubt going to

HTC Smartwatch

HTC and Under Armour branded smartwatch leaks out in pictures

#HTC and #UnderArmour have come together for a fitness band before, which has been available in a handful of markets as well. It seems like the two companies might be taking their partnership even further if a leak coming out of an online source is anything to go by. This HTC and Under Armour branded

HTC 10

HTC 10 to get Android Nougat before any other device: Report

The #HTC10 is the company’s primary flagship right now and a device that is slated to receive the latest and greatest versions of Android. A new report by a reputed HTC source claims that the HTC 10 will be the first smartphone to get the Android 7.0 update, beating rival manufacturers to the punch. The

HTC 10

HTC’s revenues increased by 41% in September

The #HTC10 has no doubt been one of the most impressive flagships of the year. It seems like the market was pretty responsive to the device as well. A report suggests that the company’s revenues saw an increase of 41% in September compared to the previous month, which is big news for the company. That’s a

HTC Bolt

HTC Bolt to come with Sense 8.0 and Android Nougat out of the box

The #HTCBolt has leaked out on innumerable occasions as a natural successor to the popular #HTCThunderbolt. Well, it seems like the phone is rapidly nearing a launch as we’re coming across further details pertaining to the device. While @evleaks posted an image of the device in Silver, renowned HTC leakster LlabTooFeR‏ has given out some details

[Deal] HTC Desire Eye for $199.99

The unlocked version of the #HTC #DesireEye can now be yours for a paltry $199.99. It must be noted that the handset has been consistently selling with this price tag for quite some time now, which suggests that it’s still got some demand. The handset is well known for its front facing dual LED flash

[Deal] Verizon + unlocked HTC One M9 for $169.99

The Verizon Wireless model of the #HTC #OneM9 is now available for just $169.99 on eBay. The smartphone is also compatible with a bunch of GSM carriers out there, making this a pretty attractive deal for a wide range of buyers. The handset is the company’s flagship offering from 2015, which means it’s a fairly

[Deal] Unlocked HTC One M8 for $159.99

The unlocked version of the #HTC #OneM8 is now available via eBay for just $159.99. The smartphone is manufacturer refurbished. The seller is only offering the handset in a Gray variant, so color choices are fairly slim. The One M8 is the company’s flagship offering from two years ago. While it wasn’t the success that

[Deal] Verizon HTC One M8 for $109.95

If you’re a customer of Verizon Wireless and are looking to upgrade, this deal might interest you. An eBay retailer is selling the refurb version of the #HTC #OneM8 from 2014 for a miserly $109.95. The low pricing is probably due to the fact that it’s limited to Verizon, but prospective customers won’t exactly complain. This

[Deal] Unlocked Desire 610 for $109.99

The #HTC #Desire610 is now up for grabs via eBay for just $109.99. The smartphone comes unlocked, which means you’re free to pair it up with the network operator of your choice. The phone also comes with only 8GB of storage on board, which can be a negative for many. But this is a non-issue

[Deal] Unlocked HTC One M9 for $359.95

The Gunmetal Gray version of the #HTC #OneM9 is now available via eBay for just $359.95. The smartphone, as most of you might be aware, comes with a pretty exciting hardware specs sheet on board. The device was HTC’s flagship offering from 2015, which means it is still supported with the latest software updates. HTC

HTC Bolt

Press rendering of the HTC Bolt leaks out

The #HTCBolt was originally leaked out a couple of weeks ago thanks to a trademark filing made by the company. It was subsequently revealed that the phone would be heading to #Sprint very soon. A new revelation by Evleaks is now giving us an up close look of the device itself, with some striking similarity

[Deal] Unlocked HTC One M8 for $119.99

The unlocked version of the #HTC #OneM8 is now available on eBay for just $119.99. For those unaware, this is HTC’s flagship handset from a couple of years ago. Although it wasn’t a big success for the company when it was first announced, the fact that it is now available at this remarkable price point

Android Nougat

The seven-year old HTC HD2 can run Android 7.0 Nougat

Android developers have very high regard for the #HTC #HD2 from 2009. Even though the phone has long been discontinued, it is one of the most customizable Android smartphones available out there. This is quite ironic as the phone originally debuted with Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional. Even though manufacturers struggle to send out Android updates

Rumored HTC Bolt apparently headed towards Sprint

A few days ago, #HTC filed for the ‘Bolt‘ trademark. This sparked off speculation that this would be the revival of the company’s popular Thunderbolt flagship which was released several years ago. Evleaks has now confirmed that this might well be the case, going on to say that this device will be heading towards Sprint

[Deal] Unlocked HTC One M9 for $359.95

HTC’s not so popular flagship, the One M9 can now be yours for $359.95 courtesy of eBay. The smartphone comes unlocked, basically giving you the liberty to choose from a myriad of GSM providers out there. The retailer is only offering the phone in Gunmetal Gray, so there aren’t a lot of color options available.

HTC now offering the One A9 for $299

For a short time, #HTC will sell the #OneA9 through its American online store for just $299. This is quite the discount considering the fact that this 2015 mid-ranger debuted for $499. Most people might still be hesitant to get the device considering that it’s a year old in the market. But given the hardware