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[XDA] HTC Pyramid/Sensation (Sense 3.0) Port Available for the Desire HD!

There’s no galling story behind this one, as it’s cut and dry. XDA developers forum user Capychimp has ported over the HTC Pyramid ROM over to the Desire HD. I’m not going to type anymore, I’m just going to provide links. Make sure to click his thanks button if you download the ROM.

HTC Unveils The HTC Sensation 4G With HTC Sense Enhancements

At a press event earlier in the day in London HTC unveiled the HTC Pyramid now named the HTC Sensation 4G. With this new piece of great HTC hardware the Taiwanese manufacturer also unveiled HTC Watch on a superphone and enhancements to Sense that we reported on yesterday. HTC put a major emphasis on entertainment

HTC Pyramid Caught In The Wild

There’s been a lot of talk about the new HTC Pyramid. We’ve seen a lot of renders of it but has obtained some caught in the wild, Mr. Blurrycam shots. It’s been widely rumored that this device will ship with Honeycomb (Android 3.0) but we aren’t sure how reliable that is. The other specs