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HTC Proto Is Actually Desire X: Pictures with Specs Surface

Barely a week ago, we got a glimpse of a new HTC smartphone dubbed ‘HTC Proto’ and was touted as a new mid-range android device that is supposed to fill the gap left by the HTC One series handsets.  Today, we got a clearer picture of this new smartphone from official documents and it turns

Pictures of HTC ‘Proto’ emerge

Some of the best Android devices out there are manufactured by HTC. Previously, we had some information on a device codenamed as “Proto”, and the specs looked like it would be the successor of HTC One V, and now the images are out! Having 9.62mm of thickness, the Proto has a 4-inch WVGA SLCD display

HTC Proto To Arrive This Fall?

HTC is rumored to be preparing a new phone that is believed to be codenamed the HTC Proto. The rumor comes from The Verge which also surmises that the phone will be available sometime during the fall. The specific launch date, however, remains to be revealed. The HTC Proto is said to be an upgraded

Is HTC Proto successor of HTC One V?

Most of the manufacturers in smartphone business are going through a bad time and experiencing a lot of losses. Samsung is among those few mobile phone companies who have shown positive figures to their shareholders in the second quarter of 2012. To get an idea, Japanese giant, Sony, announced that their profit had slid down