HTC One M7

T-Mobile sending out an update for the HTC One M7

T-Mobile has just rolled out a minor firmware update for the HTC One M7 starting earlier yesterday. Unsurprisingly, the update doesn’t introduce Android 5.0 yet, which isn’t expected to land until next month. It is said that this OTA update will roll out from now until the 30th of January, so the timing of its

How To Fix Sprint HTC One M7 Problems and Errors

This is the first part of our Sprint HTC One M7 Problems and Solutions series and there could be more posts like this to follow. The problems I cited here were raised by our readers who emailed us. All of them are minor except for one that I, too, can’t explain–the Play Store 403 error.

How To Fix Verizon HTC One M7 Problems and Errors

We’ve been receiving a lot of emails from HTC One owners lately so we couldn’t just turn our backs to them. In this post, I addressed 8 problems and questions sent to us through email by Verizon subscribers who were having issues with their phones. Majority of the problems cited here are minor and so

HTC One In 24 Carat Gold To Be Given Away To One Lucky Person

Are you looking for a unique smartphone? Maybe a high-end model that’s plated in 24 carat gold?  Then you might want to check out the latest contest of HTC. The company is holding a contest to celebrate its winning the “best phone of 2013” as announced over its Twitter account. One lucky winner will get

Why is nobody talking about the game-changing HTC One (E8)?

When rumors of a possible plastic-made, low-cost but otherwise top-shelf HTC One M8 counterpart first cropped up, most of us laughed. No way could HTC afford shrinking their profit margins so drastically, we thought to ourselves. After all, build materials, no matter how “premium” or shoddy, make up merely a tiny piece of a smartphone’s

HTC One getting Sense 6 update on O2 and Three in the UK

Those owning the original HTC One and using them on the O2 or Three networks in the UK can now update their phone to the latest version of HTC’s proprietary UI. The company is currently rolling out the Sense 6 update to O2 and Three networks, according to its UK support page, and also to


Unlocked HTC One M7 selling for just $350 via eBay

A retailer on eBay is now offering the unlocked variant of the HTC One M7 for just $349.99. This is a brand new unit of the smartphone so it’s easily the best deal we’ve come across so far. The handset isn’t as popular as it used to be an year ago, so price reductions like

LG G3 vs HTC One M8 vs Samsung Galaxy S5 – Specs comparison

Samsung took the wraps off its “next big thing” in February, HTC evened the score a month later by showcasing and then releasing the One M8, and Sony… well, Sony tried to keep up with the big fishes, but ultimately drowned in a sea of manufacturing woes and distribution hostility. Meanwhile, LG kept an unusually

GPE GS4 - One M7 - Android 4.4.3

Google Play Edition HTC One (M7) and Samsung Galaxy S4 getting Android 4.4.3

The Google Play Edition Samsung Galaxy S4 and the HTC One (M7) are now getting the Android 4.4.3 update. This is no surprise considering that Nexus devices started getting the update yesterday. The rollout might take a few days to complete, so maintain patience if you don’t see the OTA notification immediately. One of the main advantages of getting a GPE

Sense 6 update rolling out to Sprint’s HTC One today

Earlier this month, Sprint started rolling out an update that brought HTC’s new Sense 6 interface to the One max. Today, the carrier is focusing on the original One flagship, bringing its software up to par with most of what we see on the HTC One M8. The update will bump the software version of

LG G3 Lockscreen

Finnish online retailers reveal the pricing of the LG G3

We know that the LG G3 is still eight days away from launch. But it seems like a few retailers around the globe don’t want to keep the surprise anymore as they’ve already disclosed the pricing for the smartphone even before it goes official next week. Although these listings come from Finland, they give us a brief