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Instagram Updates Again; Now Supports HTC One X And Tegra 3

Although Instagram has pissed off some of their loyal users, they’ve been doing right by the Android community. The app, released last week into the Google Play store, has already been updated a number of times. An update to the Instagram Android app on Tuesday brought support for the new HTC One X and other

That AT&T HTC One X Might Not Be So Bad Afterall

Last month at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona Spain, HTC introduced three new flagship smartphones under their “HTC One” branding. The One X, The One S and The One V were the three devices and they are heading to 140 carriers worldwide. The top of the line phone out of this family is the HTC

More Info Emerges On Sprint’s “HTC One X”?

I’m still not totally comfortable calling the phone that’s rumored to be heading to Sprint as the next Evo, the HTC One X. The reason is because HTC made it pretty clear in Barcelona at Mobile World Congress which carriers were getting One series phones and both Sprint and Verizon Wireless were not one of

HTC One X Approved For Operating On AT&T HSPA+ Once Imported

HTC’s gem from the Mobile World Congress show late last month in Barcelona Spain, the HTC One X, has been approved by the FCC for operating on AT&T’s HSPA+ bands. Unfortunately AT&T isn’t picking the GSM/HSPA+ version up. AT&T will get the HTC One X with the qualcomm processor for their 4G/LTE network. Nvidia’s Tegra

Rumor: Sprint To Get HTC One X After All?

We’ve said time and time again since HTC’s press event Sunday night in Barcelona, that Sprint and Verizon Wireless were omitted from their list of partner carriers for the HTC One devices. HTC published a complete list of carriers who would get the HTC One series devices in a press release on Sunday. Here is

No Quad Core On The HTC One X On AT&T, Don’t Blame HTC

A lot of US Android enthusiasts were shocked to hear today that the HTC One X was featuring an Nvidia quad-core Tegra 3 processor, everywhere in the world, except here. Many people didn’t catch it in the audience at the HTC press event at Mobile World Congress. HTC CEO Peter Chou stood on stage and

HTC One X Press Shot Emerges Before MWC

Ok well it’s just about here. It’s almost time to hop on a plane and head for Barcelona Spain for Mobile World Congress. As we reported yesterday, HTC has done a great job of generating buzz before the event. One of the devices that’s been the most buzzworthy is, what we now believe will be