One Mini AT&T

Press image of the AT&T HTC One Mini leaked

A new press image of the AT&T bound HTC One Mini has leaked, further substantiating reports of its arrival. The One Mini’s arrival on AT&T was rumored back last month, long before the device was even announced by HTC. The image reveals the same body as on the international variant of the One Mini but

HTC One Mini battery life comparison

How does the battery of the HTC One Mini measure up to those of others available in the market, such as the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, Samsung Galaxy S4, LG Nexus 4, HTC One, Sony Xperia Z, Apple iPhone 5, Blackberry Z10 and Nokia Lumia 925? These graphs show how.     Standby Time The

HTC One Mini availablity and price in UK

With HTC marketing first to the Asian markets, the HTC One Mini may take a little while to come to the US and we have just heard from different UK retailers and carriers on dates and prices. Vodafone has said on Twitter they will be carrying the HTC One Mini and they can expect an

HTC One vs HTC One Mini – Specs Comparison

There are only two ways one can view the HTC One these days. Either you think of it as the best Android smartphone around, or the number two, behind Samsung’s Galaxy S4. There’s no third option, unless you also consider Sony’s Xperia Z Ultra, which however is not available for sale yet. HTC One Mini

HTC One Mini vs Galaxy S4 Mini: What Are The Differences?

Android smartphone manufacturers today are coming up with mini versions of their flagship devices hoping to increase their market share. While the flagship devices target the high-end market, these mini models are aimed at the mid-range market. With HTC officially announcing their HTC One Mini we can now compare it to the Samsung Galaxy S4

HTC One Mini officially unveiled

The HTC One Mini has finally been revealed following the months of leaks and speculation. The much-awaited mini edition of the HTC One broke cover in a press event in London, UK. Technical Specifications Confirming some rumors, the HTC One Mini comes with a 4.3-inch display with a 720p resolution and a pixel density of

HTC One Mini UK release date reportedly set for August 9

The HTC One Mini has been one of the most leaked and reported devices in recent weeks, despite it being a mid-range smartphone with no real boundary pushing features. While we still have nothing official from HTC, the UK date for the HTC One Mini has been leaked onto the web, coming on August 9.

HTC One Max to vie with Samsung Galaxy Note 3

The HTC One Max may be aiming for the same market as the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, observes The Verge, after having gotten information on the specifications of the HTC device. HTC One Max vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 According to Mobile Geeks, which claims to have insider sources, the HTC One Max would feature

New Photos, Specs Of Upcoming HTC One Mini Leaks Out

We’ve already heard the reports that HTC will be releasing a mid-range device based on their flagship model, the HTC One. The thing about these reports is that it isn’t official yet which means that the information gathered may be different from what the company will be releasing. Androidnext, a German blog, has gotten new

HTC One mini specs show up at GFX Benchmark website

The specifications of the HTC One Mini have been spotted at the GFX Benchmark website by the folks at Techtastic. According to the website, the upcoming smartphone will feature a dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor with a clock speed of 1.4GHz working with an Adreno 305 GPU. Its display will measure 4.3 inches, and will have

O2 Germany Document Confirms HTC One Mini and HTC One Max

The first piece of undisputable evidence on the existence of HTC One and another HTC One variant only known as HTC One Max surfaced late yesterday in Germany in a document leaked from the O2 network.  The document lists that the network will soon be selling a HTC One Mini in Silver and Black and

HTC One Mini Coming to AT&T

We learnt yesterday that the miniature version of HTC’s flagship smartphone HTC One, HTC One Mini, is headed to AT&T. The HTC One is different in many ways from the parent HTC One, not the screen size alone, and it appears AT&T cannot wait to make it available to their customers. This smaller version of

HTC M4 Confirmed to be HTC One Mini

It is now official, the much speculated HTC M4 device is actually HTC One Mini that HTC promised us would be coming in due time.  There have been so much news reports, speculations and rumors regarding the new device that HTC was working on but there weren’t enough details to place just what kind of


HTC One Mini photo leaked onto the web

HTC One Mini has already been leaked onto the web before, with a few blurry images and renders of the smartphone. Now, Engadget has got their hands on another image from a reliable source, showing the HTC One Mini and its older sibling. We may see some of  the features stick to the condensed version

HTC One Mini rumoured launch date in July

HTC has always been a second contender to Samsung, but the HTC One has been a special smartphone and one everyone seems to want to place a two year contract on. What HTC need now is the magnitude of smartphones Samsung has, filling every size range on the Android market. We believe HTC will release

HTC Butterfly S and One Mini to feature Ultrapixel cameras

HTC has not been in the best of their form with problems like supply issues, management changes, bad quarterly results haunting them in their last quarter. But it seems like the company is finally making some progress in the market as new rumors suggest that the company will be releasing Htc Butterfly S, the successor