[Deal] T-Mobile HTC One M9 for $259.99

The T-Mobile #HTC #OneM9 is now available through eBay for just $259.99. This variant is locked to work with T-Mobile, unfortunately, so you won’t be able to use the device if you belong to any other network. But barring that, this is a decent offering for the price. The One M9, as you may know, is

[Deal] Verizon + unlocked HTC One M9 for $149.99

Fancy getting a flagship handset for just under $150? Well, we suggest you turn your attention towards eBay where a seller is offering the Verizon Wireless #HTC #OneM9 for just $149.99. As a bonus, the smartphone is also unlocked to work with GSM carriers, so a wide range of consumers can benefit from this deal.

[Deal] Verizon HTC One M9 for $199.95

The #HTC #OneM9 from #Verizon is now selling via eBay for $199.95. The smartphone is locked to work with VZW, so if you happen to be a Sprint or a GSM subscriber, you’re exempt from this deal. But barring that, the handset is pretty much a steal at this price point, even if we consider

[Deal] Verizon + unlocked HTC One M9 for $159.99

The #Verizon branded #HTC #OneM9 is now selling via eBay for just $159.99. What’s special about this deal is the fact that the handset is also compatible with GSM networks. This means that you can use the device if you’re a customer of a network like AT&T, T-Mobile, Straight Talk etc and even Verizon. Given

[Deal] Sprint HTC One M9 for $229.99

You can now snatch up the #HTC #OneM9 from eBay for just $229.99. This 2015 flagship might have had its own share of controversies, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s still a fairly attractive device given the hardware underneath. The seller is offering the Gold on Silver version of the smartphone, which is one

[Deal] Verizon + unlocked HTC One M9 for $169.99

The Verizon Wireless model of the #HTC #OneM9 is now available for just $169.99 on eBay. The smartphone is also compatible with a bunch of GSM carriers out there, making this a pretty attractive deal for a wide range of buyers. The handset is the company’s flagship offering from 2015, which means it’s a fairly

[Deal] Unlocked HTC One M9 for $359.95

HTC’s not so popular flagship, the One M9 can now be yours for $359.95 courtesy of eBay. The smartphone comes unlocked, basically giving you the liberty to choose from a myriad of GSM providers out there. The retailer is only offering the phone in Gunmetal Gray, so there aren’t a lot of color options available.

[Deal] Verizon HTC One M9 for $214.99

The #Verizon branded #HTC #OneM9 is now available via eBay for just $214.99. The smartphone, unfortunately, is incompatible with other networks, so your choices are little to none here. But if you happen to be an existing customer of Verizon, make sure you give this deal a closer look. The smartphone comes with a premium

[Deal] Unlocked HTC One M9 for $204.99

HTC’s 2015 flagship, the #OneM9 is now selling for $204.99. The smartphone comes with a pretty decent hardware underneath, so a price tag of just under $210 seems pretty decent. The smartphone is seller refurbished. Naturally, with the HTC 10 now being sold in the markets, some of the attention has gone away from this

[Deal] Refurb HTC One M9 for $189.99

The #HTC #OneM9 might not be the most popular HTC smartphone and with good reason. However, at the right price, the smartphone is an excellent value. This takes us to an eBay listing which is now offering the One M9 for just $189.99. This is the seller refurbished model of course, so it’s not exactly a

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The LG G4, G3, And HTC One M9 On Verizon Are Getting Updated Tomorrow

  Today, Verizon has updated their “Advanced Devices Software Updates” list on their support website stating that the LG G4, LG G3, and HTC One M9 will be getting updated tomorrow. While the support pages for the individual devices aren’t updated, it’s very likely that the update could be Android 6.0 Marshmallow. When Mo Versi,

The T-Mobile HTC One M9 is getting Marshmallow Feb. 16

Just a few days after Sprint users got the Android Marshmallow update for their HTC One M9’s, now T-Mobile users will soon be able to join in the fun of Android 6.0. According to HTC’s VP of Product Management Mo Versi, T-Mobile users will get the update starting on February 16th. Happy Friday! Good news for

Sprint HTC One M9 receiving the Marshmallow update

Customers of the #Sprint branded #HTC #OneM9 will be pleased to know that the smartphone is now officially getting the Android 6.0 Marshmallow update. HTC was one of the first manufacturers to start the Android 6.0 rollout as it had already used the source code for the One A9 smartphone which was released in November,

Best Christmas gift ideas for every Android enthusiast

Who doesn’t like Android? Based on recent market research, a very small fraction of the mobile tech-consuming world, with Google’s trendy OS hiking to an all-time record-high sales share of nearly 85 percent in Q3 2015. Basically, there’s only a 15 percent chance you’ll make a bad impression with an Android-powered Christmas gift this year,

Best Android 6.0 Marshmallow smartphones – current and future

Plenty of chatter, little to no action. That’s how we can sum up the Marshmallow facts thus far, with numerous device manufacturers signaling both officially and unofficially they’re ready to widely adopt the newest Android flavor, yet the early December distribution report showing 6.0 is barely more prevalent than version 2.2. Still, we’ve managed to