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HTC One M8 Ace

Why is nobody talking about the game-changing HTC One (E8)?

When rumors of a possible plastic-made, low-cost but otherwise top-shelf HTC One M8 counterpart first cropped up, most of us laughed. No way could HTC afford shrinking their profit margins so drastically, we thought to ourselves. After all, build materials, no matter how “premium” or shoddy, make up merely a tiny piece of a smartphone’s

HTC One (M8) “Ace” Photo, Specs Gets Leaked

We’ve been hearing a lot about an upcoming device from HTC called the HTC One (M8) “Ace” which is a variant of the company’s current flagship smartphone model. What makes this upcoming device different is that it is said to be cheaper than the HTC One (M8). This means that customers who want to get

HTC One M8 Ace

New leak reveals the HTC One M8 ‘Ace’

A possible variant of the HTC One (M8) has already surfaced courtesy of a revelation made by Evleaks on Twitter. A model known as the HTC One M8 ‘Ace’ is the smartphone in question. An image reveals that the smartphone will be available in red, but there’s nothing apart from that known at the moment.