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The HTC One M10 could launch in May in the U.S.

While @LlabTooFeR may have said yesterday that the HTC One M10 could launch in April in London, today @evleaks says the device will launch in the U.S. in May. Not only that, but HTC may also be planning to launch a smartwatch in April. Small consolation, HTC fans: you'll be able to pick up the watch before

New leak reveals possible hardware of the HTC One M10 handset

The #HTC #OneM10 a.k.a the Perfume is expected to be revealed sometime soon. A new eyewitness report of the smartphone has leaked out on the internet, suggesting that this might be a heavily specced device when it hits the markets sometime before the end of Q1. According to this source, the handset will sport a 5.1 inch Quad HD