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Developer Edition HTC One getting Android 4.3 this week

The Developer Edition HTC One will reportedly get the Android 4.3 update later this week, according to Jason Mackenzie of HTC. It was reported last month that the smartphone would skip the Android 4.2 update and directly get Android 4.3. While American customers will get the update this week, Canadian customers will have to wait for

Unlocked HTC One Priced At $800 In The US

AT&T and Sprint have already started taking pre-orders for HTC One that’s expected to ship by April 19. Both carriers have priced this at $199.99. T-Mobile on the other hand despite not taking pre-orders will also be releasing this flagship device on April 19 with a cash out of $99 and $20 every month for

HTC One Developer Edition Coming Soon In The US

What’s better than owning an HTC One? How about owning an HTC One Developer Edition? HTC has announced in their official blog that the HTC One Developer edition will soon be available in the US. This device will be sold with its SIM and bootloader unlocked so developers can tinker around with it. HTC One