Best 4G LTE-capable Android tablets available today stateside

If you’ve been following our website lately, chances are you’ve already purchased a tab, or ten. You’re only human after all and probably couldn’t resist the temptation of a stellar bargain, the best 7 inch+ gamers around, the endurance champions, or ultra-high-res media streamers. But there’s one market segment we haven’t tackled in a while.

HTC Logo - HTC Aero

HTC Is Offering Up to 50% Off Select Devices

  In a Hot Deals promotion today, HTC is offering up to 50% off select devices and accessories. This includes the One M9, the Nexus 9, and even the Dot View case for the One M9. The Nexus 9 is HTC’s tablet flagship that was released in 2014 as a launch device for Android 5.0 Lollipop.

Best Android tablets for everywhere gaming – April 2015 edition

They say Android tablets are good for casual, mundane, non-straining tasks and activities like web browsing, e-book reading, unpretentious YouTube watching or music playing. For everything else, buy an iPad. Or go big and bulky, and get a Windows laptop or convertible. Unfortunately, for the most part, they are correct. The blame is split evenly

Amazon discounts the Nexus 9’s 16 and 32GB models by $50

The Nexus 9 is the largest Nexus tablet to come out of Google’s stable, and it’s also the most powerful thanks to the Tegra K1 processor ticking away inside. But like the Nexus 6, the 8.9-inch tablet is nowhere near as cheap as the Nexus devices that came before it, and that makes Amazon’s $50

HTC And Google Announce The Nexus 9

After months of speculation, the HTC-made Nexus 9 is now official. It runs Android 5.0, which now has the official name of Lollipop. It has all of the rumored specs at the expected prices. The Nexus 9 has an 8.9″ 2K screen with a resolution of 2048×1536 and weighing 436 grams. Powering this tablet’s screen is

HTC Nexus 9 Photo, Specs, Pricing Leaks Out

We’ve already hear reports that Android Silver will be replacing the Nexus line of Google however that hasn’t stopped HTC from developing a new Nexus based tablet which will soon be released in the market. The tablet is codenamed Volantis (or Flounder) and is an 8.9-inch Nexus tablet which will probably be called the HTC