US Cellular Prepares To Launch The HTC Merge & LG Genesis

US Cellular, one of the nation’s larger regional carriers, is set to add more Android to their roster of phones for their customers. Starting today US Cellular is selling the HTC Merge for just $149.99 with a $100 mail in rebate.  The HTC Merge was at one time a highly anticipated Android device. In fact

U.S. Cellular Getting The Merge

U.S. Cellular is yet again getting another Android device. This time it is the HTC Merge. HTC had already said that the Merge would be available on several carriers and U.S. Cellular will be one of those. The device is already available on Alltel and is also due for release on Verizon at some point

Verizon HTC Merge is Close, Accessories Hitting Stores Now

Android Central has obtained photos of a Body Glove HTC Merge snap-on cover. As you may know Body Glove has been one of the few 3rd party accessory vendors whose products are sold in Verizon Corporate stores.  This is definitely a genuine photo. The HTC Merge was rumored to hit on November 18th by,

EXCLUSIVE: Verizon HTC Merge is Coming Bing is Default..

I feel like singing “oh where oh where could my google search  be, Verizon took it away from me” Originally reported in an RUU dump by, it is again confirmed that the new HTC Merge on Verizon will come out with Bing as the default search engine instead of Google. Verizon confirmed to