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Why is nobody talking about the game-changing HTC One (E8)?

When rumors of a possible plastic-made, low-cost but otherwise top-shelf HTC One M8 counterpart first cropped up, most of us laughed. No way could HTC afford shrinking their profit margins so drastically, we thought to ourselves. After all, build materials, no matter how “premium” or shoddy, make up merely a tiny piece of a smartphone’s

LG G3 vs HTC One M8 vs Samsung Galaxy S5 – Specs comparison

Samsung took the wraps off its “next big thing” in February, HTC evened the score a month later by showcasing and then releasing the One M8, and Sony… well, Sony tried to keep up with the big fishes, but ultimately drowned in a sea of manufacturing woes and distribution hostility. Meanwhile, LG kept an unusually

HTC One (M8) vs Samsung Galaxy S5 – Specs Comparison

It’s weird, we expected both HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4’s sequels to knock our socks off, enthrall and amaze with major upgrades like Quad HD display resolutions, bonkers 4 GB RAM modules, OIS cameras and significantly boosted Snapdragon 805 processors, but at the end of the day the One (M8) and Galaxy S5… just

Buy One HTC One (M8) Get Another One Free At Verizon

  Wow Verizon. Not only is the new HTC One (M8) exclusively in Verizon stores until April 9th, but they’re already offering a great deal on the device. If you buy an HTC One (M8) on a two year contract and someone else signs a contract, then they get their phone for free. If you’re

HTC One (M8) vs HTC One – Specs Comparison

When Samsung unveiled the somewhat underwhelming Galaxy S5, HTC brashly suggested buyer’s remorse will be coming soon to early adopters of the “next big thing”. They also promised competition will be “one-upped” by the sequel to the outstanding if not underrated 2013 HTC One, raising the bar of expectations way beyond the company’s real potential.

Google Play Edition HTC One Officially Launches For $700

The New HTC One was just unveiled this morning in London and New York City. Naturally, some people would want this device to come with Stock Android and no Sense overlays. Well just like last year, HTC is making that phone. Of course, you get the latest version of Android 4.4.2 KitKat powering your phone,

The New HTC One (M8) Finally Launches

  After months of rumors and tons of leaks, the new HTC One (the M8) is finally here. And for some countries and carriers, it’s available right now. We’ve known all the specs for quite awhile, but now they’re finally official. Here is a breakdown of all the specs: Dimensions 146.36 x 70.6 x 9.35

HTC Gallery App - HTC One

HTC inadvertently confirms the existence of a GPE 2014 HTC One

The 2014 HTC One is barely hours away from an official announcement and the company has already confirmed the existence of a Google Play Edition variant. The information was given away by the app description of HTC’s new Gallery app on the Play Store, which was launched along with a few other Sense 6.0 specific

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HTC’s profits could increase by 52% in Q2 2014

According to BNP Paribas, HTC’s poor run might not last long as it will reportedly record an increase of 52% in profits in Q2 2014 compared to the current quarter. It is said that new handsets like the upcoming HTC One and the Desire 816 will help the Taiwanese manufacturer get back on its feet

Spigen HTC One

New HTC One makes an appearance again, this time in a case

A listing for Spigen’s new case has caught our attention, mainly because it belongs to the new HTC One which is yet to be announced by the manufacturer. The smartphone, which is easily one of the worst kept secrets in the mobile industry today, has made innumerable appearances in leaks over the past few weeks.

New HTC One

Verizon branded 2014 HTC One spotted in retail packaging

The All New HTC One is another couple of weeks away from launch, but the smartphone has already leaked so many times that even an announcement would be underwhelming at this point. This latest leak however takes it to a whole new level, revealing the smartphone in a box packaging even before the device is

All New HTC One Gold

Full HTC M8 Specs Leak, Along With Sales Guide

If it weren’t already official, the HTC M8 is officially HTC’s most-leaked phone ever. This is essentially iPhone 4 bad at this point. Pretty much every single feature has been leaked now. If you want to avoid spoilers, this is your chance. Ok, so spoilers it is then. We already know the HTC M8 will