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HTC One (M8) vs HTC One – Specs Comparison

When Samsung unveiled the somewhat underwhelming Galaxy S5, HTC brashly suggested buyer’s remorse will be coming soon to early adopters of the “next big thing”. They also promised competition will be “one-upped” by the sequel to the outstanding if not underrated 2013 HTC One, raising the bar of expectations way beyond the company’s real potential.

HTC M7: What Should We Expect on Tuesday 19th

HTC has made it public that their next flagship smartphone the improved HTC One or HTC M7 will be unveiled next week on Tuesday 19th February in New York and London according to the countdown clock on HTC’s website.  We also know that the phone will hit the shelves in the US on March 22nd

HTC Posts Countdown Timer for February 19 Event

2013 is the year of flagship smartphones as with any year really. Right at the start of the year, we were treated to the Xperia Z by Sony which was sure to start a trend. Shortly after, we saw the iconic BlackBerry Z10 launch which also had a few bells and whistles of its own.

How LG is Planning to Take on Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One (M7)

The year 2013 is still new and not much is expected from phone manufacturers at this moment although the market is awash with all kinds of new devices entering the market.  The Android market is particularly the most dynamic when it comes to communication and computing with manufacturers coming up with all sorts of amazing

HTC M7 spotted in Vodafone’s inventory system

HTC will be announcing its flagship phone, HTC M7, very soon. It is one of the most interesting high end device that is going to be announced this month, and since it is going to be a high end device, there are lot of enthusiasts waiting for it and the particular device is no stranger

Android Weekly: Noteworthy News Stories From Last Week

Last week was pretty eventful for a number of reasons. Wednesday was host to the BlackBerry 10 announcement, which has been widely talked about over the course of the week. The announcement of the Z10 and the Q10 managed to impress us all, and there were plenty of comparisons being made too, which we love.

Verizon’s HTC M7 will be delayed

The upcoming HTC M7 is HTC’s flagship model for this year. The device isn’t launched yet, but has already been creating a lot of buzz for several months now. We’re having a lot of new devices in the smartphone market with some jaw dropping specs. HTC M7 being a flagship device has to face the

HTC M4, G2 Now In The Works?

Unwired View, via the Twitter user @evleaks, has gotten word that HTC is preparing two new handsets. The smartphones, allegedly codenamed the HTC M4 and G2, are expected to be released later this year, possibly during spring. According to the tipster, the device is believed to be not slated to make an appearance during the

New Render of HTC M7 Allegedly Leaks

An image that is alleged to be a render of the upcoming HTC M7 smartphone is now circulating online. The render shows the smartphone’s front and rear, and shows a different handset as compared to the supposed HTC M7 render that floated several days earlier. The new image, published by HTC Source, is said to

Alleged HTC M7 Picture/Render Leaks Out

HTC hasn’t quite made a mark on the world market with its 1080p offerings like the Droid DNA or the J Butterfly (and Butterfly). Which is why most of us are of the opinion that the company is preparing something major for the grand unveiling at MWC 2013. Since the past month or so, we’ve

The HTC M7 Rumored to Arrive at CES 2013

HTC’s poor run from 2011 continued into 2012, despite having top notch smartphones like the HTC One X and the One X+ (late 2012) on offer. There’s nothing that the company has done wrong to be honest, but still it just hasn’t managed to please the customers as much as Samsung has. Its faltering fortunes

HTC M7 specs, release date, rumors and speculations

Rumors about HTC M7 started to build up earlier this month so it is not the first time we’ve heard about this device. Sources say the Taiwanese manufacturer has already started working for its flagship in 2013. Others say HTC might even be the first manufacturer to use Nvidia Tegra 4 chipset. If these rumors