Father’s Day Gift Ideas – Gadgets!

Let’s see, last year I got my dad a blue tie, maybe I should get him a matching tie clip…not!  If you’re into gadgets and toys, your dad is likely just as geeky as you, whether he shows it or not.  Below are a few Father’s Day gift ideas primarily focused on gadgets.  Let get

HTC Desire HD Gets Gingerbread Update OTA From Orange

Although they look very similar and the Android Market actually lists them as the same device, the HTC Desire HD and the HTC Inspire 4G are two different devices.  So while they aren’t twins they could easily be kissing cousins.  They hold about the same similarities as the HTC Nexus One and the original HTC

HTC Inspire 4G On AT&T On Sale Today

AT&T enters into the 4G space today with the release of the HTC Inspire 4G.  Although the Inspire 4G’s big brother on Verizon seems to be getting all the press we’ve spent some time with out HTC Inspire 4G and really like it. Let’s go over the bads first: Battery Life: We’re not sure what

Unboxing: The HTC Inspire 4G

At the AT&T Developers Summit in Las Vegas last month AT&T shocked a lot of people by rolling out a full plan of action for 4G. Until then they didn’t seem very aggressive in the 4G space. Everything changed that day as they rolled out 4 4G devices and announced their 2 phase strategy for

AT&T Officially Releases The Inspire 4G February 13th

Just in time for MWC AT&T is releasing the HTC Inspire 4G on February 13th.   AT&T typically releases new phones on Sundays. Possibly because it’s typically a lighter day as far as call center customer service goes, however this launch is no different as the 13th is a Sunday. The HTC Inspire 4G is the

Radio Shack Posts HTC Inspire 4G Simulator

Lately it seems like the HTC Thunderbolt and the Motorola Atrix 4G are getting all the post CES 4G well, “Thunder”. That changes today as Radio Shack has posted the simulator for the HTC Inspire 4G on AT&T. If you remember back to the day before CES AT&T held a developers summit in Las Vegas. 

CES Live: HTC with AT&T

9:34AM HTC: Peter Chou says they are happy to be part of AT&T’s 4G rollout 9:31AM HTC Sense includes find my phone, lock my phone, wipe my phone. 9:30AM: HTC Inspire 4G will feature HTCsense.com 9:29AM: Peter Chou introduces Fast Boot on the HTC Inspire 4G on ATT 9:28AM: New Button Menus on the HTC