HTC Revamps Hero Device Strategy Forming “Studio” For Design

HTC came barreling out of the gate in the initial Android boom. After releasing the Google branded G1 they continued with hit after hit for Android phones. The HTC Incredible and the original Google Nexus One are just some of their legacy Android handsets that are still employed in wide scale today. However, during their

Peter the HTC Pimp…

Before I get into this I really like my HTC Hero and My Mytouch 3G Well I just got done reading a review of what is probably the next thing out of the Android Pipeline for Verizon the HTC Incredible. Read the review for yourself over at our friends Devdroid by clicking here. Sounds like

Hero Vs Moment Hero Won

Everyone following me on twitter knows I switched from the Samsung Moment to the HTC Hero on Sprint’s Now Network. So far so good as far as Sprint coverage is concerned. Their map in the store is very reliable unlike some carriers so I know which areas are going to be good and which ones

Sprint going to 2.1

I got this from one of the best andoid sites out there https://www.droidtalk.comIt seems Sprint is going directly to Android 2.1 with the Hero and the Moment this is the break I’ve been looking for for my moment but it also means, as Droid Talk said, that Nexus One won’t have an exclusive on 2.1