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HTC Teases New Tablet With Unique Feature

Microsoft was recently reported to have been unhappy about the fact that HTC is planning to develop a tablet for its Windows RT. Apparently, Microsoft feels that HTC does not have enough time under its belt in the tablet market to be experimenting with its dedicated operating system for the handheld device sector.

It is also that HTC surely has not been able to secure a foothold even in the Android tablet market yet. So it is quite premature for them to be already trying to step on to a different platform. It seems Microsoft did not like HTC’s concept of trying to run before it can walk.

News has come that HTC has decided to revamp its tablet portfolio and include something that it has not yet been offered to its customers. What does that have in store for the consumers? If we look back, HTC Flyer was one of the earliest tablets that came with a stylus. So HTC is not a novice when it comes to adopting new features and technologies into their products. There are a few features however we would love to see more frequently in most of the tablets that are on sale in the market.

Having said that, there have hardly been many improvements in the last period, in terms of general usability or hardware, so whatever HTC is trying to develop at this point, we hope that it will fulfill its expectations.

There are no updates about when HTC’s new tablet is expected to hit the market. At this point, it’s all under tight wraps and probably even in the designing board. With the tablet market poised to get heated up with the coming of the Google Nexus 7, iPad 3 and the rumored iPad Mini, we can surely hope that HTC has more to offer than just promises to surprise us when it comes to their tablets.

Via: PocketNow

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HTC Flyer Gets Android 3.2 Honeycomb

HTC introduced the HTC Flyer 7″ Android tablet at MWC back in February. Then, at CTIA a month later they reintroduced the tablet outfitted for Sprint’s 4G WiMax network dubbed the “HTC Evo View 4G”.  Both versions of the tablet came to market with Android 2.3 Gingerbread and a very heavy Sense for tablets UI.

Many people seem to agree that HTC’s Sense UI is the most consumer friendly UI for both phones and tablets. The version of Sense on the Flyer, made the device feel like it was running all on it’s own with Android in the background, similar to the way the Kindle Fire and Nook tablet do.

Well for those of you that were looking for Honeycomb on the Flyer tablet, the wait is over. If you have an HTC Flyer (WiFi) or an HTC Evo View 4G (Sprint) check your settings and download some Honeycomb goodness today.

source: Inquirer

HTC Now Offering T-Mobile Compatible Flyer Tablet

Although you can’t find it on the T-Mobile USA website, HTC is now selling the HTC Flyer for T-Mobile on their website.

The HTC Flyer is HTC’s flagship Android tablet. The 7″ tablet came out last spring and features the HTC Scribe, digital pen technology and HTC Sense for tablets. The downside is that it’s running Android 2.3 Gingerbread rather than Honeycomb like the Acer A100 and the T-Mobile Springboard (in the 7″ variety).

HTC has a 10″ tablet available on AT&T dubbed the HTC JetStream. That tablet is equipped to speed along on AT&T’s 4G/LTE network. The JetStream also features HTC’s pen technology.  Samsung is hoping to challenge the Scribe with their Samsung Galaxy note and S-Pen with Wacom technology in the digital pen portion.

As for the HTC Flyer on T-Mobile, it will set you back $299.99 on a brand new two year agreement or $454.99 on an extension. HTC’s digital pen, the Scribe, will set you back $80

The HTC version will work on T-Mobile’s 4G HSPA+ network.

source: Mobileburn

HTC Flyer On Sale At US Cellular Today

Last week we reported that three HTC powered Android devices were headed to top ranked regional carrier US Cellular.  The HTC Hero S, Wildfire S and Flyer are all expected this month at US Cellular with the HTC Flyer coming today.

The HTC Flyer will set you back $399.99 after a $100 mail in rebate and a new two year agreement. There is a little catch in that to get the $399 price you need to sign up for US Cellular’s 5gb $$54.99 data plan.  If you want a lower data plan you will pay $599 after the $100 mail in rebate.

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HTC Flyer Gets Price Reduction To $299 Starting This Weekend

    If you’ve had a hankering to go pick up a 7″, digital pen active, HTC Flyer tablet than now may be the time to do that. Best Buy is reportedly dropping the price of the HTC Flyer, permanently, to $299 starting Saturday.  This is $200 off the original price, and we’re hearing that this is the “new” price.

Although there have been no official figures released, it looks like HTC may not have sold as many HTC Flyer tablets as they wanted.  The HTC Flyer takes advantage of HTC Scribe technology which is a digital pen optimized to work with some of the tablets feature rich applications.  The Scribe is supposed  to give the user a real pen feel when doing things like drawing or taking notes.  The HTC Flyer also makes it a breeze to mark up a webpage with the HTC Scribe and share that page with friends.

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US Cellular Grabs Up 3 HTC Android Devices

US Cellular isn’t being the least bit shy about their aggressive Android strategy. It shows this week as they’ve announced the addition of 3 new HTC devices to their Android portfolio.

The HTC Hero S, Wildfire S and HTC Flyer are all headed to US Cellular. According to a US Cellular press release all three devices will start to arrive in US Cellular stores next month (October).

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New HTC Device On The Way With 4.7″ Screen And Beats By Dre?

Pocketnow is reporting that a new HTC Android device is in the works codenamed Runnymede. We’re not sure what’s prompting the latest round of HTC code names but Puccini (their 10 inch tablet) is an Italian operatic composer, while Runnymede is a meadow on the South Bank of the Thames River.  After you read some of the rumored specs of this thing though a meadow on a peaceful and tranquil river in England is probably the last thing that will come to mind.

First off the screen size of the Runnymede is supposed to be 4.7 inches.  Because Dell insisted on referring to the Dell Streak as a tablet, this will be the largest screen for a smartphone. It’s coming in at a resolution of 400×800.  Under the hood it will have a fast 1.5ghz processor. Unfortunately it’s not a dual core processor.  As pocketnow points out it’s the same processor running in the HTC Flyer.

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HTC Gives Up The Goods: Source Code For The Incredible S, Desire Z and Flyer Released

First they’re the bad guy, then they’re the good guy and then there’s a shift and they’re the bad guy again.  One things if for sure about HTC and that is they respond to social media pressure.  A few months back you may recall HTC was rumored to be locking all bootloaders for their Android devices.  A very short time later HTC’s CEO Peter Chou did a complete 180 and said no they will not lock the bootloaders.

Despite the message by Peter Chou on their Facebook page the HTC Sensation 4G and the HTC Evo 3D released with locked bootloaders. Now we are very aware of why these devices came out with locked bootloaders.  Obviously, because of the timing, both devices were already in production if not on the boat on their way over here…

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FCC Clears The HTC Puccini 10″ Tablet

Androidcentral is reporting by way of Engadget that the FCC has just cleared HTC’s 10″ tablet codenamed “Puccini”.

All that the FCC filing could tell us is that the HTC Puccini is headed to a GSM carrier (possibly AT&T) and has a 4G/LTE radio as well.  AT&T plans to light up five major cities with 4G/LTE by the end of the year.  Perhaps AT&T plans on releasing the Puccini as a 3G/4G tablet and as they light up more of their 4G/LTE network buyers can utilize the 4G/LTE network, who knows.

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Tools We Use: My Personal Tablet Recommendations

The thought of publicly doing this three years ago would have probably scared the bejeezus out of me but here goes…
I’ve got three tablets that I use on a somewhat regular basis for different things and I’ve got things I really really love about each one.  Hopefully you’ll find your needs in this post and I can help you make a great decision.  There are so many great tablets coming out right now, and more in the pipeline but here’s what I recommend and why.

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HTC’s First 4G Tablet Launches Today At Sprint

At this years CTIA’s Mobile Life Conference back in March HTC announced the first of their Android tablets, the HTC Flyer and it’s 4G twin, the HTC Evo View 4G on Sprint.  Well the time has come and today the HTC Evo View 4G arrives.

The Evo View 4G will be $399 with a new two year data agreement and includes the HTC Scribe (HTC’s digital pen).  We just confirmed with Sprint today that 4G data is unlimited on the HTC Evo View 4G and 3G data is capped at 5gb. At 5gb Sprint will begin to throttle your 3G data.

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HTC Scribe To Come Free With HTC Evo View 4G On Sprint

When HTC released the HTC Flyer Wi-Fi version exclusively through Best Buy last month people were in an uproar to find out that the HTC Scribe (digital pen) was an accessory sold separately and for upwards of $70.

Some Best Buy locations reacted by giving away the HTC Scribe free with the purchase of the Wi-Fi Flyer. This was on a store by store basis and it was the manager’s decision whether or not they wanted to “eat” the cost of the Scribe for the sale.  In fact Best Buy stores in D25 and D90 (Washington and Baltimore) all gave the Scribe away with purchase the week after launch.

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HTC Flyer Headed To T-Mobile As Well?

A new version of HTC’s 7″ tablet dubbed The HTC Flyer, was spotted late last week crossing the desks at the FCC. According to IntoMobile via Wireless Goodness, this new version of the HTC flyer was sporting T-Mobile’s 3G bands.

The T-Mobile version of the flyer, model number: PG41120 supports GSM 850, 1900 and T-Mobile’s WCDMA IV band.  What it’s lacking is the bands for either version of T-Mobile’s HSPA+. This could mean that the Flyer headed to T-Mobile is only 3G.

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OnLive Announces Plans For Wireless Controller

OnLive is a cloud gaming company that already offers a wireless controller that is compatible with the HTC Flyer, however they have announced their intentions to bring this controller to more than just HTC devices.

In an email to PC Magazine, OnLive had stated, “The controller will communicate with tablets including a Samsung Galaxy Tab, via the tablet’s Bluetooth. The idea is that any Android tablet can be controlled using our universal wireless controller and we’ll be showing several examples next week of this in action, in addition to the Flyer.” (more…)