HTC EVO 3D Saves a Gas Station Clerk’s Life

The HTC EVO 3D was HTC’s first smartphone that could shoot 3D video, but it never really took off. However, it can do much more than shooting 3D video, such as stopping a bullet. A gas station clerk was working around 4:30AM when two thieves came in asking the clerk for money. The first clerk

Cyanogen Mod 9 Nightly Builds Available For HTC EVO 3D

When the Cyanogen Mod team said that its Cyanogen Mod 9 was stable and then released the build a couple of weeks ago, the list of supported devices was flooded with Samsung and Sony Ericcson handsets. Fortunately, even though the team said they’ve stopped development on Cyanogen Mod 9, they continue to work hard at

HTC EVO 3D Gets Android 4.0 Update

HTC EVO 3D users in selected areas will now able to enjoy Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich on their smartphones. The update has begun to be pushed out in Africa, Europe, and the Middle East. Lamentably, Sprint users reside outside of these regions so they will not be enjoying the update, at least not anytime

Best Buy Puts All HTC Evo’s On Sale This Weekend Only

Should we call this evidence substantiating the rumor that HTC and Sprint are working on an Evo refresh for June? Maybe, maybe not… Either way the news is still great if you’re a Sprint customer looking for a good solid HTC Android device. Starting today through Sunday Best Buy has marked All of the HTC