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HP Slate 21

Best Android hybrids, convertibles, laptops and multi-purpose PCs

They said Android is limited. Impractical to use on a larger than 10-inch screen. Worthless with physical keyboards, and utterly inoperable on “full-on” computing machines. They scoffed at the idea of mainstream Android laptops, which was filed under megalomaniac fantasies from overly imaginative, reality-disconnected nerds. Well, we showed them. And by we, I mean a

HP announces 21.5-inch Slate 21 Android Jelly Bean AIO

HP has just unveiled the Slate 21, its newest solution to the saturated tablet market. The Slate 21 is an Android-based tablet measuring 21.5 inches diagonally. HP is selling it as an all-in-one desktop PC to aid productivity and provide entertainment with the help of Android apps and cloud-based features. Many of the Slate 21’s