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how to root Galaxy Note 2

How to Root Galaxy Note 2: A Quick Guide

How to Root Galaxy Note 2
How to Root Galaxy Note 2
How to Root Galaxy Note 2 using Odin.

Here is a straightforward guide on how to root Galaxy Note 2 which is especially made for beginners or those who are new to rooting. But before proceeding, please take note rooting is very risky as it has the tendency to brick a device if not done properly. Also, rooting will surely void your warranty.

How to Root Galaxy Note 2

There are a couple of things that you need to download before starting like the CF-Autoroot file that corresponds to your Smartphone’s model number, ¬†Odin and Samsung USB Drivers. All of these can be found in the link provided below this article. But if you find a site that provides an updated version of the tools mentioned, that would be better.

Do not forget to backup all your files too before proceeding. That’s because this will surely erase all your important data.

Now, let’s get to the actual process on how to root Galaxy Note 2:

1. After downloading the required files, make sure that you have extracted them from their respective folders.

2. Execute the Odin program as an administrator.

3. Enter the Galaxy Note 2 Recovery Mode. You can do this by turning off your device normally then press the Power, Home and Volume Down buttons altogether until your phone boots and a warning sign shows up.

4. Going back to Odin, press the PDA icon and load the CF-Autoroot file that has a “.tar.md5” extension name. See to it that the checkbox beside the PDA icon is also checked.

5. Make sure that your phone is connected to your PC via USB. If the PC fails to recognize your phone, simply update its USB Drivers.

6. Press Start and wait for the whole process to finish.

7. You will know that you just successfully rooted your Galaxy Note 2 once you see a “Pass” in Odin’s message box.

Next Thing to Do

After rooting your phone, your next job is to find a good custom ROM for your Smartphone model. Check the article about How to Flash Galaxy Note 2 in order to learn about it.

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Article Source and Links to the Required Files: XDA Developers Forum

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