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How to Remove Galaxy S4 Notifications

How to Remove Galaxy S4 Notifications that Keep on Coming Back

How to Remove Galaxy S4 Notifications

How to Remove Galaxy S4 Notifications

Here is a new email that just came in Mailbag which confirms a solution to the flashing camera light notification problem that we have tackled before and it is also asking how to remove galaxy S4 notifications:

“I just read your response about the flashing camera. You have the right steps going into accessibility. Except when you go to the flash notification it is not checked, but it still flashes. I had to actually check it and then uncheck it and then it then the flash stopped.

Also, do you know how to get rid of a download notification that keeps coming back?¬† This keeps showing up in my notifications after my upgrade. I swipe it away and it keeps coming back.¬† I looked for my downloads and can’t find them either.”

Ways on How to Remove Galaxy S4 Notifications

According to a forum in Android Central, this seems to be just a simple glitch that can easily be fixed by clearing the data and cache of your download manager app.

Simply follow the steps below to do this:

1. Press the Menu button

2. Open Settings

3. Select Applications

4. Choose Manage Applications

5. Press the All tab

6. Tap Download Manager

7. Hit Clear Data followed by Clear Cache

You may also choose to clear out your Downloads folder if the problem persists and assuming that you have no important file installed there. Try to locate the app too that is triggering the notifications and clear its cache and data (note that this will reset the app’s settings to default).

If you are still getting the annoying notifications, follow these steps to reset your app preferences:

1. Tap the Applications icon

2. Open Menu

3. Go to Settings

4. Select Reset App Preferences

5. Choose Reset Apps

When all else fails, the ultimate solution to restore your phone to its factory settings and to wipe any major glitches in its system is via Hard Reset.

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