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How to remove duplicate contracts from iPhone?

How to Remove Duplicate Contacts From iPhone?

One problem with both the iPhone and any Android smart phone is the existence of duplicate contacts. You probably know of this issue if you are syncing contacts from more than one account. For example, you would have enabled contacts syncing from your personal account and your work account. When you do this, contacts which are present on both the accounts, but probably with different names, appear on your contacts list twice, with two different names. To remove this kind of mess, you would think that you will have to delete the duplicate contacts. But wait, Apple has provided a good solution for this in iOS.

Before I start talking about the solution, I will tell you that the exact same solution is available on Android as well, but just with different terminology. The basic idea of Android is, open one of the duplicate contacts, go to Join contacts, select the duplicate contact, and you are done. But on the iPhone, the feature is called Linked Cards, where you have to “link” or join duplicate contacts. So lets get started, just follow the steps given below:

  • Open up the Contacts.
  • Find the duplicate contact you would like to remove and select it by tapping on the name.
  • Open the first contact.
  • Once you have selected the contact tap Edit in the top right and scroll to the bottom of the screen to the Linked Cards screen.
  • Tap on Link Contact to merge iPhone contacts.
  • Tap Link Contact.
  • Tap on the contact you want to link.
  • Select the contact that you would like to merge information with, and on the next screen press Link.

That was pretty simple, was it not? You will have to repeat these steps for all the duplicate contacts there are on your iPhone. Well, there goes your Sunday. All the best!