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How to Learn French With These 5 Apps

So you’re traveling to France, Canada or a number of countries where French is spoken. However, you don’t know a lot of French barring the usual “Bonjour”, “Bonsoir”, and “Au Revoir”. Of course, it’s not enough to know just these three languages if you’re traveling to a predominantly French speaking country. Some of the French speaking countries (barring Canada), don’t have a large English speaking population, which makes the entire ordeal doubly difficult.

But thankfully, modern technology has evolved to such an extent that there are mobile apps today to help you learn new languages within a span of few weeks. So if you have a trip planned in a month or two, these apps are perfect to get you started on the basic concepts of learning French. In fact, some of these apps offer a comprehensive experience, letting you learn most of the language like a local within a few weeks. This will require a lot of time and dedication, though, so it’s probably not meant for everyone. But if you’re looking to learn the beautiful language for a trip or just to show off your skills to your friends and peers, these apps will definitely help you out. So let’s dive into our list.

How to Learn French With These 5 Apps


This app comes high on our list as it was the recipient of the Google Play I/O Award Winner for Best App of 2017, making it a hot favorite among language learning apps. The name itself indicates that it helps you memorize new languages conveniently. The motive of this article is to learn French, but the app also teaches you languages like Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, German, and Korean using a few simple steps. You get to choose between Beginner and Intermediate difficulty levels, making this a must have for everyone seeking the fluency of a new language.

What makes this app excellent is the fact that it comes with pronunciation details in addition to information on grammar and other aspects pertaining to the language. There are chatbots here to help you practice your language. This means you can hone your skills within the app rather than trying it out in the wild immediately after you’ve learnt a few words. This is an excellent self-improvement app and we highly recommend everyone to try this out. It’s a free download, and there are no ads. However, you will be required to shell out a few bucks for some of the advanced features.


This is undoubtedly one of the most popular language learning apps available in the marketplace, and you’re likely to have encountered the app at least once if you’ve tried to learn a new language. It’s no surprise that this is an Editor’s Choice app, given the wide array of features it offers. Using this nifty app, users will be able to learn French, in addition to Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Turkish, Dutch, Irish, Danish, Swedish, Ukrainian, Esperanto, Polish, Greek, Hungarian, Norwegian, Hebrew, Welsh and English, of course. So if learning languages is a passion for you, this app should definitely be on your phone or tablet.

The user interface is easy to understand, and there are in-app milestones that you can reach to gauge your progress in a particular course. You can also use Duolingo on the web, thanks to a web client. We’re guessing the progress is synced between the web and the mobile versions, although there isn’t a lot of clarification on this front right now. What I like about this app is that it makes learning fun and a highly addictive process. This means you’ll probably end up learning more languages than you set out to.

The app is free to download and use, although there are ads on board. You can get rid of the ads by making an in-app purchase, however. The app has been downloaded nearly 500 million times, making it immensely popular in the marketplace. Be sure to check it out from the Play Store.

Learn French by ATi Studios

Unlike the other apps mentioned on this list, this app specifically teaches French, and no other language. So if learning French is on your mind, this app will give you just that, without any of the unnecessary clutter of other apps. The app can adjust to your schedule as well, so you’re not required to use it everyday constantly. This is incredibly helpful if you are traveling on business trips and have a very tight schedule.

The app also lets you listen to conversation from native French speaking voice actors. The app will get you fluent on conversational French, which is the kind that native speakers talk everyday. You will be able to choose between intermediate and expert levels, depending on your understanding of the language. If you have done French before and want to brush up a bit, the app has you covered. However, the users are not required to have any prior knowledge the language before using this app. This is a free to download application and has no ads. There are in-app purchases, however.

Rosetta Stone: Learn Languages

This app uses a scientific method along with a combination of excellent teachers to make language learning a hassle free process. The app promises to teach you a new language on day one, which is excellent considering how strenuous learning a new language can be. The available list of languages include Spanish (Latin America or Spain), English (US or British), Italian, German, Chinese (Mandarin), Arabic, Dutch, Filipino (Tagalog), Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Persian (Farsi), Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Swedish, Turkish, and Vietnamese.

The UI is easy to use, and incredibly efficient considering the main motive here is to learn a new language. If you’ve set out to learn French or any other language, the app will definitely come to your aid. The app is free to download and use initially, although you might be required to make an in-app purchase to continue learning. There are some ads on board as well.

It is only compatible with devices running Android 5.0 and above, so older Android smartphones and tablets won’t be covered.


This was rated as Google Play’s best app of 2015, and with good reason. This particular app only covers French, like the app we mentioned in our list above, which makes it convenient for those in a hurry. With any language learning app, the ease of use and learning is what makes it effective for users. And we’re happy to report that Babbel is one such app, and you will find yourself speaking fluent French within a few weeks. However, it is important for the users to stick with the course in order to reap all the benefits of the app.

Babbel is free to download and has no apps. There are in-app purchases, however, which will come in handy when you want to learn more advanced courses on the language. The app is compatible with devices running Android 4.1 and above.