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how to install google play store 4 black

Get the new Google Play Store 4… in Black!

Google yesterday released a new improved version of Google Play Store for Android.  The new application features a completely re-invented interface and is a big change from the previous version(s).  The new app introduces larger HD images as well as artwork and a card style layout that makes it easy to navigate between apps and categories.  However, this new version reverted to the older Google Play Store colors – a white theme with green everywhere.  This wasn’t very appealing to me, considering almost everything stock on Android is often black.  If you too would wish the new play store app was black, you are in luck because you can get the Play Store App in Black.

Google Play Store 4 Black theme

The new Android Play Store version 4.0.25 application has a black theme released yesterday but most people do not do not have it, and neither do they know how to get it.  This black theme is amazingly neat, stable, fast and best of all – matches any theme you have on your phone.

The black theme was developed by folks at Team Blackout and it looks really hot.  To install it, you will not need to have the new update of Google Play Store but if you already have it installed, you will need to uninstall it.  Here are the simplified steps:

Google Play Store 4 Black

1. Download the zipped folder here
3. Back up your system.2. If you already have the Google Play Store version 4 installed, uninstall it by going to Settings> Applications> Manage Applications then uninstall the update.  Uninstalling the update will take you back to the old version of Google Play Store.

4. Boot the phone into recovery then flash the downloaded file named

5. Reboot the phone.

6. Enjoy your new black theme.

You can head on to the RootzWiki thread and read the entire thread.  If this flashing does not work, you can use a file explorer to navigate to /system/apps directory then make sure that the store file is named Phonesky.apk and not Vending.apk.  If required, you can rename the file then reboot your phone or tablet.

As you can see, the process is very simple, but there is always some risk involved when installing or uninstalling any application.  In case you are wondering, you can also get more black themes from BlackOut developers including themes for Google Now, Google Voice and other Google applications.


Thanks to @B_boytm and via Android Community for this update.