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How to Freeze a Bloatware

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Running Slow After 4.3 Upgrade

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A new question came in via The Droid Guy Mailbag about the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 running slow after 4.3 upgrade. Basically, this question is being thrown a lot lately by Android Smartphone users.

According to several users who upgraded to Android 4.3, they noticed that their phones have been running slower than usual and the new update seems to be taking up more memory than their previous versions.

Many even went to perform a Factory Reset with hopes that it will somehow speed up their devices, but to no avail.

Blame it on the Bloatware

The key reason why many Galaxy devices are running slower after upgrading to 4.3 is due to the numerous bloatware that come with the update. As the term “bloatware” implies, these are apps installed by manufacturers or carriers that take up memory which have the tendency to clutter and slow down a device.¬†Although these prove to be very useful to some people, others find them quite a hassle.

How to Freeze a Bloatware in the Galaxy Note 2

If you are annoyed by the bloatware that are constantly running in your background and slowing up your device in the process, you can simply disable them by forcing them to close or uninstall them. But unfortunately, many of them cannot be simply disabled or uninstalled. That’s where you should consider freezing them.

However, freezing involves rooting which can be a very risky process because it has the tendency to void your warranty or brick your device.

Still, if your are determined to speed up your device, here is a quick guide on how to freeze its bloatware:

1. Install Titanium Backup and  theTitanium Backup PRO key from Google Play. Note that there are others you can use for this purpose.

2. Run a full backup in your device.

3. Go to Titanium Backup followed by Backup/Restore.

4. You will be presented with the list of apps that you can freeze. Just select the ones that you do not need and freeze them one by one.

That’s it, you can now give your phone some breathing room for the apps that you really need.

It should be reminded as well that freezing will not uninstall your bloatware. Instead, it will only prevent it from running constantly in the background of your Galaxy Note 2 or other Android devices. If you wish to remove them from being frozen, just open Titanium Backup again and choose the app that you need from the list. Lastly, choose Defrost to be able to use it again.

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