How To Repair Steam Client Using Command Prompt

One of the steps that you must do when dealing with a Steam issue is to repair the Steam client. This is done with the help of Windows Command Prompt. Before you execute the command, you want to make sure that the Command Prompt has elevated privileges or administrator access.  Repairing Steam client can take

How To Verify Integrity of Game Files To Fix Steam Issue

There may be times that your Steam game may not work normally, crash randomly, show visual abnormalities, or display missing world models. Any of such issues can be caused by a bad game cache. To ensure that the integrity of your game files is intact, you can let Steam verify it. This procedure is simple

Steam extracting package error

How To Fix Steam Extracting Package Error or Update Is Stuck

Are you having trouble updating Steam from time to time? If you are getting the Extracting Package error on Steam or if update appears stuck forever, don’t worry. There are a number of fixes that you can do to address these situations. Follow our instructions in this guide and you should be back gaming in

how to run steam with administrative privileges

How To Make Steam Run With Administrative Privileges

Some cases of Steam errors or problems may require running the client with Administrative Privileges. This is one of the steps when troubleshooting Steam. If you’ve been having a problem with Steam lately, make sure that you run the client in elevated mode. There are several Steam errors that may require extensive troubleshooting steps and

Fix Steam Game is running error

How To Fix Steam “Game Is Running” Error

Steam “Game Is Running” error or “Failed to start game (app already running)” is one of the most frustrating errors even for seasoned gamers. It’s usually a sign that a game has not completed its shut down process but it can also be an indication that Steam itself is buggy.  If you are getting this